oakley hatchet wire

  1. U

    Trading  Brown Hatchet

    Brown Hatchet with good rubbers, screws and hinges, but shot Gold Clear irIdium lens. Frames got nicks on the right side brow. Both icons are flawless. These are a Japan Exclusive which entails larger nose bombz but I intend to keep them and put regular fit ones. However under the nose bomb the...
  2. Brian24Xmetal

    Hatchet Wire...which would you buy?

    Just looking for input....There are a couple pairs of Hatchet Wires that I'm looking at....one is the darker color (seller lists it as pewter) with titanium clear lenses....I am looking to wear these as an alternative to my Juliets (to preserve the Juliets). The other pair is raw O-Luminum with...