oakley holbrook

  1. U

    Sold New Custom Cut lenses for Oakley Holbrook

    These are newly cut lenses for Oakley Holbrook. They are 6-base curve, and have been test fit well. Limited pair, just to test the water. They all have clear base lenses and mirror coating. *Refer to pictures below, name from top to bottom! New but with tiny surface scratches on right lens 1...
  2. N

    Holbrook temple arms

    I have a pair or the 24k shaun White holbrooks and I lost one of my arms. Anyone know where I can get a replacement temple arm?
  3. OakleyLewis74

    Favorite pair of Holbrooks?

    Just wanted to see peoples opinions on what your favorite pair of holbrooks are? I would love to see pictures! My favorite is a mix between the custom pair I got with blue rivets and icons with Sapphire iridium polarized lenses. I would say the Goldbrook but that would be kinda obvious haha.
  4. C

    Oakley Exclusive Carbon Fiber Holbrooks

    Does anyone know if the Oakley Exclusive Carbon Fiber Holbrooks are o-matter or real carbon fiber?
  5. Garducio

    Oakley Project 453 Corbin Winter Holbrook™ $700

    Just saw this on the Oakley websight. Won't let me open the link to it though. Guess they are still working on it. Update - Link: http://www.oakley.com/en/mens/sunglasses/lifestyle-sunglasses/holbrook-trade-/project-453-corbin-winter-holbrook/product/W0OO9102OCS/?skuCode=1-881
  6. Prospec

    Loving the Shaun White Holbrooks

    i really love the 24k iridium lenses in this ones,they are not polarized but its all good:cool-20:
  7. oakleyninja007

    Picked up some new glasses!

    I bought one jawbreaker this week and liked it so much I had to get more! I was also able to purchase the fmj goldbrook and some uranium.
  8. Zerodosquince

    SGH exclusive Holbrook

    Just grabbed this beauty, totally new, not even a minute of face time
  9. turtlebrand

    Hi from UAE!

    hello mates! hope to know fantastic guys from UAE as well!! frogskin and holbrook are my favorites!
  10. Peeza21

    Recent collection additions

    Pimple Hijinx for £35 (Complete!) Matte rootbeer Holbrook frame for my RX lenses Colette blue chrome Polished rootbeer 24k polar frogs Radar collection coming along nicely
  11. Oakley1975

    Holbrooks being discontinued?

    Has anyone else heard "rumor" that Holbrooks are "talked" about being discontinued and taken over by the Sliver?!?
  12. U

    For Sale Blender, Holbrooks, Time Bomb funny car and maybe more...

    Need to sell something fast, here's an album of what I'm looking to move in addition to some shots embedded. Oakley Sale 2015 - Imgur Blender with Orange (picture makes it look yellow, it's orange like my hair). $70 Holbrook LX Brown Stripe $90 Time Bomb Funny Car $100 Australian Red $90...
  13. pupp

    Holbrook Restoration

    So, I bought my first pair of Holbrooks in 2012 and have actually stuck with the frame since. Now three years later the frame's arms have become very loose and I thought this was a result of my exceptionally large head. After visiting an Oakley Vault, I was informed that dirt and oil can build...
  14. osman


    Happy to have my new holbrooks and large metal vault cases. Pictures below: ....FRAME:Matte black LENS:Grey Polarized LENS:Ice Iridium Polarized
  15. OakleyBoss

    Oakley B1-B Collection - Frogskins and Holbrooks

    Just saw @SpliceD awesome post about snagging a pair of the B1-B Frogskins and Holbrooks set to be released in 2015, and though I would create this thread for any discussion. Reference: Hollywood Collectors Event Purchase - B1-B | Oakley Forum Does anyone know if other pairs will be...
  16. SpliceD

    Hollywood Collectors Event Purchase - B1-B

    So i only picked up a couple pairs while at the Hollywood Collectors Event last Thursday night. B-1B Frog and Holbrook, along with a couple free goodies :) These were a pre-release available for purchase at the event that night only. Only 15 pairs of each were available. Slated for public...
  17. D

    Not really a frog guy but these are cool

    b1b frog and brook w sapphire sorry its late and the hotel room lighting doesn't offer much for pics
  18. G

    Black Ink vs Grey SMK Holbrooks?

    Sup, Could anyone clear something up for me. I'm trying to create a custom Holbrook pair. I really like Black Ink frame but I want different lenses. When I create a custom pair GRY SMK look just like Black Inc. I'm sure images on the website are deceiving a little. Maybe someone can clear this...
  19. U

    For Sale Holbrook STPL BNIB

    It is BNIB (tried once)and comes with everything.Box is in excellent condition too.Lenses have the swirl marks as most of them do but do not affect vision.Asking 235 usd paypal f&f.Otherwise please add 4%.The shipping is included with tracked and signed for postage in EU (other desyinations...
  20. Murse15

    How to Fix Oakley Holbrooks?

    So I have this pair of Holbrook. One of these fell out and never found. How can i fix this? All ideas are appreciated. Thanks guys
  21. Jduck

    Holbrook Lens Defect Question

    I recently purchased a custom pair of matte black holbrook with polarized black iridium lenses. After about 2 weeks I noticed a circle along with checks pattern inside while cleaning the lenses. It doesn't seem to affect the overall quality, however, i do not have another pair of black iridium...
  22. ericforman

    Stpl Holbrook!

    I just won a used, complete Stpl Holbrook for $145 and I had a $25 eBay gift card from Christmas so it cost me $120! I'm super excited to get them! Stpl Holbrook I'll post pictures when I actually get them.
  23. greg

    What Is The Difference Between Frogskin And Holbrook?

    Ok yes, I am a dumbass for asking... but WTF is the difference other than Frogskin says oakley down the ear stem and holbrook has the Icon.... I just dont understand the difference? are frogskins more desirable, if so why??? Can someone help me out
  24. Brett28

    Fresh Pick Ups

    I haven't posted any of my new stuff for a while, mainly because it'll go right onto the "what oaks are you wearing today" thread but I would like to share on here for now. I will probably update this thread with purchases instead of making new threads every time. Well I got two 3-tier stands...
  25. W

    RUMOR: Oakley To Discontinue Holbrooks

    Please take this for what it is, a rumor, but a good friend and my local rep at the O Store had his DM in town yesterday and there were rumblings of discontinuing the Holbrook! Anyone else heard anything like this? My buddy and I were both in shock about that. I would be devastated. Who...
  26. N

    Blue Chrome Oakley Holbrook?

    How cool would it be if Oakley made a Holbrook in the same colorway as the Shaun White FMJ blue chrome? :cool:
  27. wrist

    Holbrook Rumor

    So we all already know Julian Wilson is getting a signature Holbrook thats releasing in a few months. However, I heard he will also be getting an AUS exclusive Holbrook as well. Has anyone else heard of this? I know he had an AUS exclusive pair of Jupiters so this doesnt surprise me. If anyone...
  28. jiveSEVEN

    JiveSEVEN's update pond and company

    hey folks, just wanted to show everyone an updated pic of my frog pond and friends since I got new display stands in (thx frogtastic). enjoy! edit: oops the title should read "updated" not "update"... The whole gang My rares/favorites, top shelf More frogs 'Brooks Lifestyle/Sports...