oakley jawbone

  1. B

    Oakley Style Switch and Jawbone nose piece clips

    Hi, Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I have lost the clips on the Style Switch ( http://goo.gl/IgjziC ) to hold the lens into the frame. I cannot locate the clips online and inquiries in-store told me they dont have replacement parts and I'd need to purchase a new frame. I can...
  2. Hitech Vojtech

    Echelon Jawbone ruby lens color?

    Hi guys I guess I am going to win a prize for the most Fire looking Ruby lenses of all the echelons ever produced :-/ Is it normal,or am I just unlucky? :D First I thought the owner swapped the lenses for fire,but they are real VR50 ruby trans. lenses,they got the solfx logo on lens and even...
  3. Raptor

    Special Edition Jawbones?

    Hi guys was just wondering if anyone have a list of all the special edition Jawbone's/racing jackets that came out and also the numbers produced. Sorry if this was already discussed :D
  4. Raptor

    Latest Jawbones

    Just picked up a pair of Jawbone bmx array, goes perfectly with my radar set.
  5. Velocette

    Jawbone Spare Parts

    Hi there, I wondered if the folk who are in the U.S. or indeed anywhere could tell me where the best place to buy some spares for Jawbones? I'm looking for, ideally some yellow (clear) vented lenses. Which are around £40 here in the U.K. and also some bottom section 'Jaws' in polished...