oakley jawbreaker

  1. M

    Help Repairing my Jawbreaker?

    Hi, I bought a jawbreaker, the legs however are misaligned. The right leg is lower than the left and seems to not fit properly, I tried getting the pin out of the left one as well but it doesnt come out. Anyone know how to fix it?
  2. T

    Difference in Shapes for Jawbreaker Lenses?

    I was comparing two Jawbreaker lenses recently and realised that there are two different shapes for the lenses. The first pic is the Prizm lens, followed by the Tour De France lens and the last is when I overlap the two for comparison. Anyway able to advice? When I try to fit the Prizm lens...
  3. D

    Swapping Jawbreaker Jaw

    For those of you that made the swap (per the "official" Jawbreaker thread), how hard was it to change the jaw? Is there an official tutorial on how to do it? Thanks in advance!
  4. BalboaH2O

    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr

    Just arrived today. Ordered the Jaws (Cavendish) without seeing or trying them on in person, based on your guys' positive posts, and the plethora of bosoxyacht's pictures :). They are AWESOME. Great design, fit, adjustable arms, and other features... and the Prizm Road Lens is immaculate. Looks...
  5. oakleyninja007

    Picked up some new glasses!

    I bought one jawbreaker this week and liked it so much I had to get more! I was also able to purchase the fmj goldbrook and some uranium.
  6. Tavers

    Joined the Jawbreaker crew

    Got these Jawbreakers in the mail today. 4 days from Spain to Australia - pretty good!
  7. iupui1299

    Jawbreakers or Jawdroppers?!

    Just picked these up this morning. Haven't had a pair of sport glasses since my very first pit of Oakley M-frames. I tried on these and the new Radar EV. Jawbreaker wins it for me. Very cool pair. Good job Oakley!
  8. Oakster

    How to Swap Oakley Jawbreaker Lenses

    Hey Guys, Took a minute to video how Jawbreaker works. It's pretty slick. Now everything makes sense as far as the design. Wasn't expecting the stems to be adjustable.
  9. Dallas O Hog

    Oakley Jawbreaker

    Interesting design for the new Oakley Jawbreakers Sunglasses. What is everyone thoughts for the new pair? See pic below: Link: Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses | Official Oakley Store