oakley juliet

  1. U

    Sold OAKLEY JULIET | Complete with Box, Coin, Paper & Receipt

    Also selling my Oakley Juliet Titanium/Gold Juliet, 2nd Generation with swapped Ice Polarized lenses. I bought these in early 2000's. I still have the receipt which will be included. The lenses have a few marks on them (Please see the last 2 images below) only visible under direct sunlight...
  2. allpha829

    Authentic or counterfeit? GEN 4 Oakley Juliet?

    Hello everyone, I’m an avid Oakley-ist since I’ve starting wearing sunglasses. I’m also glad to be a part of this group that, like me has interest and appreciation to Oakley products. I’ve recently purchased my first Oakley Juliet but is wondering of it’s authenticity. My first pair of...
  3. stuss

    My son is packing crates and found these

    We should of moved house two weeks ago.. 2 year build. And the kitchen leaked sewage..kitchen wrote off. But whilst unboxing my son found these juliets, & posted me a pic..unsure whether actually worn. Receipt = 6.5.2006 Arrangement by my son. Looking @ photo everything looks origional Box...
  4. U

    Sold Oakley Juliet 2nd Gen Plasma Fire

    For sale is my 2nd gen Oakley Juliets. Originally fire lenses however they were scratched when I acquired these shades so I decided to replace the rubbers with an aftermarket kit & the lenses with red ones. The serial number on the temple is P085928A. I will include an Oakley microfibre bag...
  5. rafakye

    Oakley Juliet Legit Check

    Hey guys, just picked these Juliets up for $325 AUD here in Melbourne. I think they are the Oakley Juliet X-Metal finish with Black Iridium lenses, but what made me question their authenticity was when trying to swap one of my friends Juliet lenses into mine it would not fit easily at all. I...
  6. U

    Sold Oakley Juliet x-metal ducati

    For sale non serial oakley juliet xmetal as descriptions. Frame : very clean xmetal non serial no minor users marks Lens mounting : brand new oakley gray iridium. Nosebridge has been tune up with new earshock black linegear. What included with this set : Like new conditions oakley black...
  7. U

    For Sale Oakley Juliet X Metal Titanium

    In nice condition. It's a Warranty Frame. New Nosebridge and original nosepads. 250$
  8. U

    Sold ZERO lenses for Oakley Juliet & Romeo 1.0

    These go auction style on eBay for 6 brand new pairs of lenses. Starting price is 1$. Enjoy. 1. Juliet Light Orange #1: ZERO Custom Replacement Lenses for Oakley Juliet - Light Orange [Zero-JU-LO] | eBay 2. Juliet Light Orange #2: ZERO Custom Replacement Lenses for Oakley Juliet - Light...
  9. U

    For Sale Brand New Juliet Gold Iridium Lens

    For sale Oakley Juliet Gold Iridium Custom cut from Oakley Tapper Lens with base curve 8.75. Condition brand new without box, but will secured shipping and packing. Price per pairs USD$70 include shipping with registered mail from bali island, indonesia.
  10. U

    For Sale oakley romeo 2.0

    polished frame 380 USD Shipping included(international) NEW aftermarket lens microfiber bag and r2 only(no box) rubbers not new but mint condtion shipping included with tracking paypal g/S note. once i send the item i will no longer responsible on the item. i send it with tracking!!!
  11. OakleyBoss

    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review

    This review is for Linegear’s Black Juliet Aftermarket Lenses. Full disclosure, Linegear wanted me to try out these lenses, and were brave enough to send a pair all the way from Japan. Link: JULIET NXT BLACK First up, I was impressed by the packaging, the lenses were boxed and wrapped as...
  12. OakleyOneKenobi

    It hurts.......

    Hurts...Shade Station - 24K Oakley Juliet Sunglasses! http://www.shadestation.co.uk/Oakley-Sunglasses-Juliet---Limited-Edition-24-293.html :slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow::slow:
  13. I

    Juliet help needed

    Bought my second pair of Juliets today. Unfortunately no original packaging, the lenses are completely shot but the frame is in great shape. There is no serial number which made me a bit weary about the purchase, but the left lens has "polarized" etched in it and for $100 it was worth the gamble...
  14. THE X-MAN

    Cool Juliet

    Not a custom.....just cool,that's all.
  15. U

    For Sale Juliet Ice Iridium Custom Cut Lens

    For sale... brand new custom cut Ice iridium fit for oakley Juliet. OEM oakley donor lens from oakley flak XLJ. Include oakley box, oakley lens bag. price USD$80 free shipping from indonesia with registered mail
  16. pistolpetefan23

    Juliet - Steal or quality fake?

    I almost bid on these but decided not to. I'm not an X-Metal expert, but have become generally familiar with them and read several threads on the ways to spot fakes. So, were these a legit steal, or a quality fake? Sharp Metal Frame Sunglasses Rayban Oakley Coasta | eBay At first glance, the...
  17. X_Metal32

    5 Juliet Jewels and 1 Romeo MJ

    2 months ago I owned 1 pair of Oakley Juliets Polished, nothing more. Found the stands, display case & polished frames on ebay along with some custom work from the X-man. $5k later... From Top to Bottom 24k Juliet with Coin/box 717 of 750 4 customs (3 carbon & 1 X-metal) All Polarized, blue...
  18. M

    This is not good.....

    Just picked up my first pair of Juliets today. Was worried they wouldn't fit or there was going to be something wrong with them and it was even worse than I could have imagined! I love them!! Have already ordered a second set since these are in really good shape. Now I know why you guys collect...
  19. U

    For Sale Juliet Carbon and juliet xmetal frame

    for sale : 1. oakley juliet carbon non serial. frame conditions : (8.5/10). there I light hairlines scratch on frame upper the lens and the under. nosebridge normal condition 9/10. Linegear Violet NEW (i will replaced with black, red, white color linegear if you want) and temper shock size 15...
  20. supersharp

    How loose is too loose?

    When it comes to nose-bridges on the X-Metal family. How loose is too loose? At what point do you feel like they need to be tuned up. Just curious because before joining and acquiring many frames here, the only experience with X-Metals that I had was with the one's I purchased new. That...
  21. Arron1980

    Old vs. New Oakley X-Metals

    The old and the new.
  22. U

    For Sale Polished Juliet Sunglasses

    Selling a polished hammer stem Juliet with fire lenses no serial number, frame is nice,right lens (looking from front)has a scratch that does not affect vision I would say they are 8/10. Right side of nose is looser than left side but still stay on my small head (hat size 7). New rubber on nose...
  23. U

    For Sale Japan Exclusive Polished Juliet

    Japan exclusive JPPL Polished Ti Clear Juliet. New condition in the number matching box. Japan bag included. $1000 shipped in the US