oakley medusa

  1. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    some of my work. I found it on the Internet

  2. U

    For Sale ForMedusa

    It with huge sadness that I am selling my husbands medusa. As we are moving house and we are down sizing our home so along with that we have to down size out Oakley collection. This is a size S . It I also has its tags still on as it has never been worn. Just been in our Oakley display case. My...
  3. Jackson32

    Craigslist Medusa (eastern CT)

    Was searching Craigslist for a Medusa Steal and came across this one listed in Eastern CT if anyone is interested. oakley medusa helmet
  4. Jackson32

    My recent purchases

    Here are some of my recent purchases, Medusa, My grail Tinfoil Carbon Titanium w/Tilridum polar Holiday Carabiner #26 through the exchange
  5. Millertime2598

    Medusa - Made in the USA or China?

    Good afternoon, got a friend asking whether Oakley Medusa's are made in the USA or China? Turning to the experts.
  6. TheWannaBe

    The Holy Grail! (At least for me)

    This has been a long long time coming! I fell in love with this the second I saw one. It was 2006 and I was snowboarding and saw someone with this and thought it was absolutely amazing! I had no idea what it was, who made it or where to get one. It wasn't until about two years later that my...
  7. DhameonXX

    New OTT And Medusa?

    So I went to my local Oakley store here in Austin and got to chatting about the death of the X-Metal lenses and aside from the usual news of new Juliets the rep at the store also told me they will be re-releasing the Over The Top and Medusa. Has anyone else heard anything about this as well...