oakley monster dog

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    For Sale  Oakley Monster Dogs

    Up for sale is this gloss black Monster Dog with chrome Icons. Comes with lenses shown and black mf pouch. Not sure if lenses are OEM. But if not they are either Ikon or Seek Brand. Left lens (as worn) has a half inch hairline scratch left of center that can be seen when wearing. (Tried to...
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    Sold  Oakley Monster Dog (Blue Custom)

    Up for sale is this beautiful blue Monster Dog. Customized by one of our OF Masters Rick58. Metallic blue with glossy black Icons. Comes with purple/ blue tinted aftermarket lenses (Ikon or Seek- don't recall which). Hinges are tight. Also comes with blue aftermarket mf bag and Oakley hard case...
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    Sold  Oakley Monster Dog (Cerakoted Custom)

    I am selling a pair of Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses. Custom Cerakoted by one of our own extremely talented OF members. Haven't worn since having customized this past year. Sitting in my case all lonely and cold @69 degrees. The color is Copper Suede with black icons. Comes with standard MF...
  4. Aqa Pool Ko

    Oakley Monster Dog

    Hola amigos...... entre mi pequeña colección cuento con una unidad de Monster Dog edición limitada Ducati..... el problema es que con el paso del tiempo las gafas están perfectas, pero los iconos se me han despintado el color rojo original y ahora están cromados...... alguno sabe el código de...
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    For Sale  Oakley Monster Dog White Camo frames / Gray lenses

    Oakley Mag Switch Pearl/Fire Asking $220 deals for members i have a few other items for sale. Check them out. Deals for members. one.icon.oakley | eBay