oakley penny

  1. U

    Buying  Need black Penny nosebombs

    Preferably large, but small is fine too. I won't be wearing them. And if anyone thinks I should just go buy some aftermarket ones, lemme know. Not looking to drop 30 bucks. Thanks.
  2. brjn1988

    Penny VR28 lenses needed

    Anyone know where I can grab a pair of original VR28s? eBay has dried up, used to be a couple listings back in the day. I have the correct frame but lenses I got with them were trash and I tossed them awhile back. Got a aftermarket lens in there now. Would like to bring them back to life! Any...
  3. NashCasten

    Acquired 2 x metals today

    Got these from a friend both for 19000php or roughly 422usd Juliet X metal frame revant ruby lens comes with revant pouch only And 2001 Oakley Penny polished ice lens comes with the vault and box together with the copper coin I need help with the penny upon closer inspection it seems that...
  4. B

    Penny donor lens

    Which Oakley lenses cut for the Penny? Who could I send the donor lens to? Thank you.
  5. joscejrod

    How to fix an Oakley Penny Broken Nosebridge?

    hello. Could i fix my oakley penny? The nosebridge is broken(the joins between nosebrige and frame) and one lens is scratched. Thanks!!
  6. U

    For Sale  Or Trade X-Metal/Ruby Penny with extra Fire lenses

    Ok so I picked this up recently but they're too small for me so i've decided to move them on. When I bought them I was told they were unserialised but turns out they do indeed have a serial PB035834 so they have been refinished to X-Metal but as you can see from the pics the finish is...
  7. Dallas O Hog

    My 2 cents worth

    Lol. Too much?
  8. SNAFU

    See a Penny pick it up....

    I'd always been more interested in Juliet's but as we all do I was browsing around local listings a little while ago and came across one for a X-metal/Ruby Penny. It was supposedly in very good condition but did not have a serial or the box/coin and the guys price was pretty high (about $670 US)...
  9. 1Marine

    Newest Addiction

    Here is the latest in my recent addiction. A fresh tune up by the X-Man himself and a beautiful new set of custom cut lenses by XMetalmaniac. Thanks guys....
  10. ariel99

    Update For Penny Side Blinder

    Penny Side Blinders - Update - Pics Below!