oakley pit boss

  1. U

    Sold  Ducati Pit Boss

    EDITED For Sale - Ducati Pit Boss in mint condition. No scratches or blemishes. Original frame, lens and packaging. No papers. $1150 Shipped. No trades please. Paypal payment f&f. Extra black cardboard box available.
  2. Jeff Roy

    PitBoss 2 Value?

    Considering the low price now around 240$ What is going to be the price in 5-10 years you think?
  3. U

    For Sale  Pit Boss 1 - Tron - Conus Only.

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for looking at my post. I am looking at selling off my Tron Pit Boss. I am asking 1000.00 This is for the original lens and packaging. Also available with the sale is the Cut Non-Vented Ice Polar Jawbone. For the sale these will add 175.00 to cost. (hope that...
  4. Patient_Cero

    My 2015 thread.

    You can see my 2014 stuff linked below. My Recent Purchase Thread-2014 | Oakley Forum First of 2015 - Just got these Pit Boss Sunglasses and loving them!
  5. Claustin

    The Holy Grail I didn't know I needed...

    So I went online looking for a good Pit Boss I and Romeo I. I found some nice PB's but then came here to consult the Fake/Real thread. That's when my search got completely derailed. I never ended up buying Romeos but found a (couple) pretty decent pairs of Juliets (among other things). First...
  6. Frogskins


    FAKE ... Oakley Pitboss Polarized Lens Black Titanium Frames Oakley Elite Wooden Display | eBay
  7. V2oak

    Pit Boss 1 Vs Pit Boss 2

    I already have 2 Oakley Pit Boss 1's, matte rootbeer and the polished frame but I'm curious on the Pit Boss 2 rootbeer so I checked them out and with my surprise I kinda like it except for not having the elite, but anyway I must admit that it is still a cool and good looking glasses though...