oakley probation

  1. baeblade

    Probation Lenses: sourcing / problem solving

    Hey. So I have a pair of Probation. The frame is in great condition and I really like wearing them. my problem is as follows: The foil on the lense seems to be getting more and more wrinkles (as seen on pictures) - is there anywhere (in europe) to order og or off-brand replacement lenses ? -...
  2. D3V1LSTH0RN

    Probation Woes

    So the VR28s in my Probations needed replacing. I went with some Fuse polarized gradient brown. Big shout out to Rosina at the Fuse Team. Outstanding customer service! Omg, this job drove me nuts. It was nearly impossible to get the VR28s out, then the Fuse lenses (6 curve) wouldn't pop in...
  3. N

    Looking for Oakley probation sunglasses

    Anyone got probation sunglasses for sale?