oakley radar

  1. Linegear Japan

    40% OFF on replacement for Oak Flack Jacket, Racing Jacket, Radar & Radarlock

    Dear all, We hope you had a relaxed year end. From January 6 2015, we offer a 40% OFF discount for replacement lenses & rubber for, with a few picture as sample: 1. Oakley Flack Jacket (rubbers only) 2. Oakley Racing Jacket (lenses only) 3. Oakley Radar (rubbers & lenses) 4. Oakley...
  2. GavinL

    Chrome Radars Frame Peeling Fix?

    I picked up a pair of White Chrome Radars last week with very bad peeling paintwork. Plan A was to strip them and send them to Dr Chop but having removed in the icons using hot water and removed the original paint with the correct nail varnish remover the frame is matte black. Does anyone know...
  3. GavinL

    My Radar collection to date

    I have been collecting Radars for a few months now, here's a few pictures...
  4. oakleyninja007

    Picked up some new glasses!

    I bought one jawbreaker this week and liked it so much I had to get more! I was also able to purchase the fmj goldbrook and some uranium.
  5. Peeza21

    Recent collection additions

    Pimple Hijinx for £35 (Complete!) Matte rootbeer Holbrook frame for my RX lenses Colette blue chrome Polished rootbeer 24k polar frogs Radar collection coming along nicely
  6. thatoakleyguy

    March 2015 and beyond purchases

    See the last page for pics/recent updates. Posts: 3/4/15 3/21/15 5/22/15 Might as well start now, and just keep it going in this thread. Had a $20 gift card to SGH. You have to spend at least that much, so technically you can't get anything free. Ordered an Oakley lens cleaning kit and a SGH...
  7. Linegear Japan

    NEW Release: Oakley Radar replacement lenses - various super cool colors available

    2 categories: normal lenses and vented one (edge looks like fish tail, for air coming in) 10 colors in each category- customize whenever you need and depends on wherever you go ;) Blue Light Blue Clear Green Light Pink Light Orange Light Yellow Red Rubyclear Slate (Silver mirror)
  8. Nyarlathotep

    Blue Camo Radar

    While I was at the vault picking up the,what I was told, last IH juliet in the company, I picked up a blue camo radar for half off.