oakley razor blades

  1. R


    Hey folks! Rod from Florida here. Have been an Oakley aficionado since 1986 when I first laid my hands on a Razor Blade. Unfortunately, that one was taken from me a long time ago. But I have been collecting other models along the past 35 years and I look forward to learning more about Oakley...
  2. H

    What are my razorblades worth?

    Genuinely curious on the price of them individually. Both with boxes and never worn. Thoughts?
  3. charlie4

    Where to Buy a Vintage Oakley Razor Blade Frame?

    Maybe this is the wrong place, but here it is. So I was just able to acquire a vintage 1988(ish) razor blade black earstem kit and lens. Only problem is, I don't have the frame to go with it. Was wondering if anyone out there knows where i can get JUST a vintage black frame. Trying to build a...