oakley romeo 2.0

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    Sold R2 Polished / Titanium Iridium

    Hi all, Here is an excellent condition R2 Polished/Titanium Iridium for sale. Frame: 9.5/10 for its age, the nosebridge is very tight (holding vertically pict), frame has no scratch. Lenses: 9/10 for right side perfect no scratch; left lenses 7/10 a small peeling of hue internal near the edge...
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    For Sale oakley romeo 2.0

    polished frame 380 USD Shipping included(international) NEW aftermarket lens microfiber bag and r2 only(no box) rubbers not new but mint condtion shipping included with tracking paypal g/S note. once i send the item i will no longer responsible on the item. i send it with tracking!!!
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    For Sale oakley romeo 2.0

    oakley romeo 2.0 rubber are in mint condtion frames are goods 9/10 nose bridge 9/10 new lens installed(aftermarket) 9/10 PAYPAL G/S 350 USD US or EU