oakley romeo

  1. U

    For Sale  oakley romeo 2.0

    polished frame 380 USD Shipping included(international) NEW aftermarket lens microfiber bag and r2 only(no box) rubbers not new but mint condtion shipping included with tracking paypal g/S note. once i send the item i will no longer responsible on the item. i send it with tracking!!!
  2. aleXmetals1269

    Deja vu

    Last year on this day I was able to buy my first pair of romeo 1 (plasma). So last night I was remembering that special day I was so lucky to get a pair like this on Christmas day for a not even half the price of a decent pair now. I never saw a pair for sale again on Craigslist for the rest...
  3. U

    Sold  nearly mint BI Romeo 1 Lens

    For sale nearly like new conditions Oakley Black Iridium with xmetal etching. lens almost 99% conditions without any scratch or lens stress. price of $145 include registered mail from Bali-Indonesia. Payment by paypal with 4% fees. will secured packaging.
  4. X_Metal32

    5 Juliet Jewels and 1 Romeo MJ

    2 months ago I owned 1 pair of Oakley Juliets Polished, nothing more. Found the stands, display case & polished frames on ebay along with some custom work from the X-man. $5k later... From Top to Bottom 24k Juliet with Coin/box 717 of 750 4 customs (3 carbon & 1 X-metal) All Polarized, blue...
  5. Sean72791

    I traded my R1

    I traded my R1 for a Louis Vuitton Duffel 55 Bandouliere and a ticket to Hogwarts. Haha Don't judge me
  6. Krank

    For you R1 Fans

    Ok R-ONE fans. The poster is ready. I hope you guys get to enjoy it as much as I did making it. You can see it here: Behance or here: RomeoONE72dpi | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Posters are available! : For Sale - Romeo 1 Poster: R-ONE | Oakley Forum Print numbers will ship in the order I receive...
  7. Ralph Marshall

    Oakley Polished R1

    After a couple of discussions that I had recently, I became intrigued by the idea of trying to polish an R1. I had a pair that was in pretty rough shape, so I decided to break out the Dremel and give it a shot. They turned out a bit darker than I thought they would (which is actually pretty...
  8. pagpalain


    MY 2ND PAIR OF R1 one icon - a set on Flickr
  9. N


    Had the camera out taking pics of an R1 I am trying to get some info on so I thought I would take a few extra snaps of the collection so far. The 3 colourways ,custom X-Metal/ice and custom X-Metal/Ice/Ichiro rubbers. 2 Jordans, Tio2 Juliet,X-metal/Gold Iridium Juliet and X-metal /Ruby...
  10. U

    Buying  Romeo

    Looking for a pair to wear. Dont need a box or even good lenses because ill get some cut. Decent condition prefered. Can pay cash or offer some trades depending what you have. Thanks
  11. U


    if i buy a pair of romeos,can chop cut me ruby lenses to fit,ive gotta find apair of these without spending 500.00
  12. F


    Will Oakley release a new updated version of the Romeo's? They have the Juliet's and you can customize them but no more Romeo's kind of makes me upset because the Juliet's won't fit my head. (Large head)