oakley shoes

  1. F


    What model of Oakley shoes are these?help me to find out this model of Oakley shoes and is it rare or not?
  2. M

    Oakley Flesh

    Well now I wanna get these. I've been on a gold/yellow binge lately. These look pretty cool. Hope I can get one on Tuesday's drop.
  3. U

    Buying  Need Oakley Shoes

    hi, I'm looking for oakley shoes, more specifically a model I'm a fan of, the oakley switchback, also called oakley code red. If you also have other shoes, I might be interested, I don't know all the models.
  4. M

    Chop Saw shoes

    Was able to snag a pair of these modern Chop Saw shoes. Not really my flavor in color, but I just wanted a pair for the collection.
  5. L

    Looking for Oakley Red Code 0.4

    Hi there, I’m looking for a pair of Oakley Red Code 0.4s (preferably in the brown or the white colourway) I’m a UK10 - I’m unsure if these shoes fit TTS so if I could have some help with that I would appreciate that also.
  6. Baapti

    Code Red 0.4 Oakley Shoes ✨

    Code Red 0.4 Oakley Shoes ✨ Switchback Oakley Shoes I received these two incredible archival pieces, I would like to know if anyone knows their year of release, if anyone sells them, I'm a buyer, I'm in love with this model!
  7. K

    Help on identifying/valuing Oakley shoes!

    Hi All! I just found this site while I was trying to research some Oakley shoes I bought years ago at a vintage shop in Melbourne, Australia. I’m thinking of selling them but would love to get some expert advice on what shoe name they might be and maybe even an estimated value based on user...
  8. T

    Seeking Oakley Red Code 0.4 Shoes

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum. 2 days ago i was on vinted, seeking some vintage sneakers and this model caught my eyes. Instantly I felt in love with the shape and the design. Started hoping to have lived in the 2000’s to have the chance to cop them in retailers. Now I ask you: do you...
  9. U

    Sold  Shoes Mechanism

    Shoes Mechanism 100% original shoes. made in Brazil MECHANISM2 Black/Gold 8.5 9.5 MECHANISM Black/Red 7.0 7.5 8.5 If you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will reply to you as soon as possible Price $140 Free shipping by DHL express to the US. other countries $...
  10. sundevil516

    New Shoes!

    I work at an O Store in AZ. My store did not get these shoes but our sister store did. I headed over and bought these as soon as I could. I like 'am. Fit like Vans.
  11. Oakley shoe nut

    Oakley Shoe Nut's Shoe collection.

    I do have other Oakley stuff in the collection, like two pairs of the limited carbon fiber print Holbrooks, one pair of carbon fiber print Valve etc. But the main collection is Oakley shoes, lots and lots of Oakley Shoes An old photo, will need to update it one day soon. Off the top of my...
  12. D


    not sure these will ever be made now with recent changes at Oakley but they looked like a pretty nice "trainer" type shoe.