oakley t wire

  1. U

    Found Looking to get a T Wire gen1 mint

    Per the subject line, I’m looking for a mint/nib first generation T wire, unstained and clean earsox, pristine. This is a pair I had wanted since I was in my mid-teens. Anyways let me know, thanks. The box is not an issue, if there is no box that’s fine however the frame, lenses, earsox, etc...
  2. Iainmcm

    Reading glasses lenses for T Wires

    Hi there, l have just bought a great pair of mint T Wires on eBay and was thinking of using the frames but with reading glasses lenses. Does anyone know of an optician who can customize reading glasses lenses to fit T Wires, E Wires or even Juliets? I’m based in Singapore so global shipping is...
  3. eBayOakleys

    For Sale Oakley Rare T Wire Oval Matrix Sunglasses Titanium

    Oakley Rare T Wire Oval Matrix Sunglasses Titanium $480.00 Value $250.00 End Date: Dec-27 15:12 Buy It Now for only: US $250.00 Buy it now | Add to watch list Continue reading...