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  1. S

    Need Help on my Oakley Tincan Carbon!!

    Hey guys !! Couldn't able to find the temples for my Oakley Tincan OO6017's !! Tried contacting Oakley , but of no use as these are discontinued !! Don't know how the inner lining scrapped off but now the metal arm is hanging out !! Any solution is much appreciated !! Thanks !!
  2. U

    For Sale  New Oakley Tincan Carbon Ferrari Sunglasses Carbon/Ruby Iridium Tin Can Metal FOR SALE

    These are brand new but considered used. Everything is perfect with them. Asking $225 or BEST offer. Product Description: Tincan Carbon™ Sunglasses Our industrial design DNA achieved the next evolution of TinCan® by matching its stainless steel centerframe with lightweight and...
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    OAKLEYTINCAN PEWTER BLACK IRIDIUM POLAR SUNGLASSES OO4082-06 Brand new, this were purchased by my father and left behind when he left back to kenya. Only worn once . Frame 10/10 Lenses 9.5/10 from being out of the box. Will ship with a microfiber bag, dad misplaced box . $150. Shipped in the...
  4. Glocker71

    Opinion - Ruby on Tincan/foil or wiretap

    Only combo I can find that's similar is the Ferrari on carbon Tincan. How do you guys think Ruby will look on satin black wiretap or tincan/foil carbon in satin black? They are prescription, so any colorway is available (almost). Thoughts or opinions would be welcomed. Ruby and jade are...