oakley turbine

  1. U

    Sold Gen 1 Turbine Moto GP - Matte Black / Jade Iridium

    Pre-owned and worn (albeit sparingly) Turbine Moto GP, Matte Black with Jade Iridium lenses OO9263-15. Good condition, although the left lens has some issue, as show in the ninth picture. Whatever it is, it does not show in the wearer's vision when wearing the glasses. Frame is a 9/10, lenses...
  2. DOubleD

    Any other new models that fit like the Offshoot and Turbine?

    Are there any? I have a pretty big head and the Turbine and offshoot fit me fine but I dont quite like its design. Are there any other cool designs which Oakley just recently released which is comparable in fit with these two?