oakley vault

  1. OakleyLewis74

    Has anyone ever been to the Arizona Mills Oakley vault?

    I plan on making a trip down to Arizona from the pacific northwest and wanted to how everyone's experience was with finding deals and steals on their sale eyewear and what not
  2. THEBAD1

    Hit the "Vault" today

    Hit the"Vault" and picked up a few things!!!! Some good deals! Got me a pair of the Flak Jacket XLJ Blue Distressed and Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Radar's both for $124
  3. sunglassfiend

    Oakley Vault Website to Re-Open?

    Obviously the Oakley Vault website closing is still recent, what are the thoughts on the site re-opening in the future? Is it a firm decision to stay closed, or do you think it will need to open to handle excess supply the stores cannot?
  4. Rusty M

    Today's vault trip!

    So today @Ecko and I went to one of our local vaults to hang out and talk to the awesome employees there, who have become really good friends of ours! They let us look through their stash of POP stuff/display and said take what you want! Also found some really cool X Metal shirts and picked up...
  5. D

    Tinton Falls NJ vault

    Has anyone visited this vault? I am wondering if they have a custom section and how good it is if so. Looking to get a custom pair of style switch, or just specific lenses that aren't available online; hoping to find out if it's worth the trek before going though.
  6. brightroar

    Carlsbad, CA Oakley Vault

    in Oceanside on vacay, and heading to the outlets in Carlsbad tomorrow. Anyone have the 411 on that Vault there? Thx in advance.
  7. SiRacer420

    Buy one get one half off at vault store.

    I really need to stay away from the vault store. I went to return some orange flak jackets, I like them, just didn't love them. So while I'm in there the dude is all like "Oh man look around while I'm doing this return, it's buy one get one half off." Yeah he knows what he's doing. So after ten...
  8. Hitech Vojtech

    Juliets from Oakley Vault germany.... :)

    So just before I left Germany,I visited Oakley Vault in Metzingen,wow They had 4 pairs of brand new Juliets, Carbon+Ice iridium,and plasma,polished and x metal all of them with Dark Bronze lens(never had this one before ,but actually pretty good lens) so I ended up getting all of them ,good...
  9. Lexkempo

    Oakley Vault Frog

    My problem: Theres a red craftsman there ... I want it ... i can't order it (US/Canada thing) I need it shipped to Canada ... cost is roughly 8-10$ Can anyone help me out?
  10. Batwolf

    Frogskins at Oakley Vault

    Went to the Vault today and found these Frogs at killer prices. Shaun White, Polished Black with 24K - $109 Deuce Coupe, Sulphur with Black Iridium - $109 Jupiter Camo, Polished Black with +Red - $89 Crystal Blue with Grey - $89 (UPDATE, looks like it's $83.99 on the Vault website...
  11. The Game

    VanNess Wu and Medicom Frogskins in Oakley Vault

    I heard through a reliable source that Van Ness Wu and medicoms are coming to vaults.
  12. Johnny Hundreds

    It Has Begun...

    I did it... I got my first frogs... and i'm so upset. because i've already planned to make the hour drive again,just to go pick up some Rootbeer frogs when i have a chance this weekend. lol. I'm pretty sure i just found another frame i really like. Here they are! Jupiter Camo Frogskins...
  13. RubyRed

    Acid And Jetty Blue Frogs On The Vault

    The acids are $76.99 and jetty surfs are $83.99. If they hit 40-50% off i may pick some up. Just giving a heads up.
  14. mj373850

    Oakleyvault.com SELLING ORIGINAL OR FAKE?

    oakleyvault.com legit? i saw granade fade with sku # 30-946, before it was 24-240,is there re-release for granade fade?
  15. Johnny Hundreds

    $50 Vault Frogskins?

    I don't have any frogs,and don't plan on collecting any soon... but i'm pretty sure this is a good deal? Oakley FROGSKINS® available online at Oakley Vault lol... just thought i'd let y'all know if y'all werent on it already.