oakley warranty

  1. S

    Smashed Hinge Posts Not Warrantied

    My Turbines are a year old and the top posts are worn over. Now the stems constantly fall out of the frame. Went through the O Warranty process and got skunked. (Lux SUCKS!) I bought them from an O Store with a prescription and had all my receipts and filed the claim within one year of picking...
  2. chippymonk

    Oakley doesn't honor their old lifetime warranty anymore

    So I have an old pair of Oakley A Wire sunglasses: http://www.oakley.com/products/1245/2758 The Black Iridium ones, to be precise. Now I've had them for probably just over a decade now, but when I bought them, I did so because they fit my face like they were made for me. The most perfect fit I'd...