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    Sold  Crankcase Watch - Pink (10-241)

    Oakley Crankcase (10-241) Original owner, great condition Face, band, case in great condition, small marks on rear of the case. Longtime collector, have sold several watches here on Oakleyforum, one very recently. Little ones running around now so liquidating some of the collection This is...
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    Sold  Holeshot Watch - Black, Honed, Rubber (10-215)

    Oakley Holeshot (10-215) -Black Dial -Honed Case -Rubber Band Includes original slide-cardbox box with hard zip-case Original owner, worn -- condition good Some wear on rear of case (shown in extreme lighting for transparency), small scuffs around edge of face -- pictured Longtime collector...
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    Buying  Buying Oakley Jury watch, New or Like new in box

    Hi All, Looking to buy an Oakley jury watch... Must be new or like new in box. Let me know if you are selling Thanks!
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    Sold  Minute Machine Red Dial, Titanium Bracelet, unworn condition

    03/03/2019 Long time no talk Friends. I have been absent as to work and crazy hours. I quit that job and relocated to the other side of the country where the sun shines! That said, I have a minute machine red dial in unworn condition. I still have the box, the packing materials, warranty card...
  5. B

    Minute Machine -real? Or a fake?

    Help guys! I’m looking to purchase a minute machine as an Christmas gift. I see so many on eBay ranging in costs between 700 on up to 2500 and some even more. I’ve read some forums that talk about how to spot a fake but would like your expert opinion, please. I want to put an offer in on this...
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    Sold  Bnib (silver) Minute Machine

    For sale a bnib Minute Machine never used only displayed. Has most of plastic wrapping including back and front cover. Comes with display box but no outer box or paperwork ( I can add if required). Price Sold ! plus shipping ( around 40$ worldwide ) pm with any questions. Thanks for checking!
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    For Sale  Kill Switch White Face w/ 3 Bezels & Original Box

    Selling my Kill Switch, Originally came with the Rose Gold bezel which is included with 2 other bezels (3 total). Only one watch, multiple images is to show the different bezels. One small scratch on the case. Did my best to take a pic showing it. Comes with original case and box. Additional...
  8. Lupetto

    What’s off?

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    Traded  MM / TT Copper Face (Minute Machine / Time Tank) - GONE

    MM / TT Copper Face (Minute Machine / Time Tank) Used but in excellent condition. Has the typical scratches on the bottom of the wrist band (pic 2), and a surface scratch on the titanium casing (pic 3) Battery is in working condition (not sure when and if it was ever replaced since i'm not the...
  10. 9

    Carbon Fiber Kill Switch vs. Polished Blue Dial Minute Machine?

    So I would like to take advantage of the 50% off currently and add to my watch collection. The 2 pieces I am debating about currently are the carbon fiber kill switch or splurging for a polished blue dial minute machine. Both are fairly rare to come by but I have a lead on both currently in...
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    Sold  Tb2 collectors 10th anniversary edition

    Selling my tb2. It has the important parts: The watch( used condition, easily reconditioned) 7.5 inch strap ,was cut in precise way no mistakes). The case and metal commemorative plaque are in great condition. It's missing outer boxes+ DVD. Looking for an all cash offer but I'll keep an open...
  12. Jagamov

    New 12 Gauge

    Just picked up my new titanium 12 Gauge. Another really nice watch. Was really happy to have been able to get one. The vault manager did an awesome job of tracking one down. 50% off was nice too. Quick question...I didn't get an owners manual. Anywhere I can get one or can someone tell...
  13. Jaydub

    My copper MM

    fell in love with this watch and after many years I found the one I wanted. Wear it daily! I love it so much it's stopped me from buying an Apple Watch
  14. SC55

    My first MM

    Picked up my first Minute Machine from the Oakley Vault couple days ago. I have always wanted a black MM since the first time I saw one, love the wooden box also. Only bummer was I got home looked in the box and it didn't have a manual.
  15. Fernando

    My first judge I

    Yesterday arrived My first judge I Polished I love its design, irresistible curves, Like New, I'm very happy :rolleyes: Stainless Steel Polished / Copper Dial SKU: 10-163
  16. Sir Rossi

    Gearbox Watch Markdown

    Alright guys just a heads up; on amazon at 8:30 AM EST, check the "today's deals" section, and the Gearbox watch will be up with a HEAVY markdown.I don't know what the actual cost will be, but its $650 without the sale, and most watches are between 60% and 80% off. So we could be looking at $130...
  17. U

    For Sale  Minute machine watch black dial

    Have a new minute machine watch. Black dial. Never used. Includes box and warranty also have an Oakley metalworks money clip. New in box $675 for both FYI I am out of town until Tuesday. I don't have a pic if the money clip until then.
  18. pistolpetefan23

    Joined the Watch Club

    Probably should go in WDYBT thread, but oh well. Pumped to get my first (and likely only) Oakley watch. Black/tan face brushed Gearbox. Had to trade one of my favorite pairs of Fuel Cells (and a few other things), but like the deal on both ends.
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    For Sale  Oakley Watch Catalog

    for sale oakley watch catalog 2009. have few crease. price 20usd include shipping from indonesia via registeredmail. send as gift or add 4% for paypal fee
  20. reggavegga

    12 Gauge Watch battery replacement warranty?

    I sent off my 12 Gauge watch to get a new battery. I just got it back and looks and works great. Anyway I opened box up and see that watch was sent back with a watch soft vault. I am thinking I did not send it to them that way. Pretty cool paid the 20 dollars for the battery replacement and also...
  21. Oakley1975

    New Double Tap Watch

    Anyone have any release info or sneak peek pics of the new Oakley Double Tap Watch?!? I'm interested in hearing more about it.
  22. Oakley for life

    My Oakley Watch Collection

    Here is my collection! It isn't as big or nice as some of the other ones on here, but I really enjoy seeing and collecting the watches that Oakley makes! TB I TBII Hollow Point D1 Judge I MM with Blk Unobtainium band Custom White on White Holeshot Black Detonator 12 Gauge Carbon Kill Switch...