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  1. U

    Sold  Hollow Point Black

    Hollow Point Black Excellent condition Extra links Free watch case $1700 shipped
  2. U

    For Sale  My Oakley Watch Collection

    Selling off some of my collection to offset my habit for luxury watches. I have the following up for grabs: GB Auto has titanium bracelet with box and warranty card - $1,300. I have a blue face polished titanium MM with box and warranty card- $1,050. DT Blue rubber - $650, DT stainless steel -...
  3. Hitech Vojtech

    How to Remove Scratches Without Polishing a Watch?

    Hello guys , I search for couple of past threads,but couldnt find the right solution......how to remove scuffs....scratches from my minute machine watch without actually polishing it? some scratches are quite deep so i may use sanding paper like 600 up to 1000 to remove the deep stuff but how to...
  4. Tavers

    Time Bomb II value

    It pains me to consider selling this, but I may have to. To be clear, this is not a for sale thread. I'm simply trying to figure out the value of this watch. It's serial 350. I have the display box, the outer black box, but don't have the outer white box. It also features the small booklet...
  5. Oakley1975

    Red Diamond Dial Minute Machine

    New addition to the family this weekend!
  6. Jeff Roy

    FMJ watch second release?

    Any info on that? Same watch,carbon dial? Price? Limited to how much Thanks for the info
  7. STavros

    Minute Machine titanium bracelet adjustment

    Hello guys can u please advise me what tools are needed and how are the links of the bracelet of MM removed in order to be adjusted? is it something i can do by my own or should i leave an expert do this? Thanks
  8. Oakwood

    '15 Holiday Watches

    Seems like they are finally releasing the second batch of Diamond MM! Red face this time with only 100units available. Other than that theres the Titanium Kill Switch and some pretty cool Camo design Gearbox and another type of carbon carabiners im guessing and the Robotic store front model like...