oakley x metal penny copper

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    For Sale  Oakley Penny Copper X - Metal VR28 Black Iridium 04-134 PC002263

    My husband purchased 05/05/2005. They are in perfect condition. Been in the box, basically since he purchased them. No scratches at all. Serial numbers match. Frame and box have same serial numbers also have the penny that goes with. Outer sleeve still present and in good condition. Here is...
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    Sold  2001 Oakley X Metal "Penny Copper" 700.00 obo

    Hi, I have my 2001 Oakley X Metal "Penny Copper" Sunglasses for sale and I am also adding a video so you can see what you are buying. For glasses that are 18 years old they are in great shape. The nose bridge Couplers need to be replaced but that isnt a big deal and its a common thing for them...