1. Mike.vanderkoon

    Sold XS X Metal finish Sku 06011-03

    XS X Metal Finish Sku 06011-03. -The frame is in good condition with no finish tarnish or damage. Please note the sku number is faded - Nose is factory tight. But please look at one of the pictures it looks like someone either used the wrong gasket or part of it is sicking out. The nose is...
  2. DavidDiStefano

    Sold Beautiful Oakley X Squared Polished with Red iridum Polarized Lenses Rare Combo w OEM Rubbers (SOLD)

    Beautiful polished Oakley X Squared with Red Iridium Polarized lenses. They have brand new linger rubbers, all around, nose bridge rubber replacements. Glasses are flawless. If your looking for a clean, scatchless pair of XS that looks cool as all get out, these are them. New gadgets, they are...
  3. Jheyvip

    Sold Oakley x squared Plasma

    Oakley x squared Plasma Sale only $392.00 Please Read the add before you purcharse Used items sold “as is”. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE ITEM IS USED AND IS SOLD EXACTLY AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES ON THE ADD. Any question please ask me before buying Thank you Frame in...