oakley xx x-metal

  1. Kristian_Wamba

    Oakley XX x-metal Tio2 purchase price advice

    Hello friends! I´m from Spain and I´m about to buy some Oakley xx and I need your recommendation, the price is $ 250. These are the pictures: https://ibb.co/kXjgFdS https://ibb.co/ngTF3N2 https://ibb.co/wBSGKfC https://ibb.co/9ZJ72qb https://ibb.co/ZHtWXd8 https://ibb.co/19mFwkP...
  2. U

    Sold  LNIB - XX X-Metal, full set, matching serial

    Hi all, XX Xmetal (Like New In Box) for sale - Full, mint, matching serial, great for collection for XX XMetal fans - Frame is 10/10 - Lenses are mint - Bridge is incredibly tight - Rubber perfect - Box, coin, sponge (NA), paperwork, spare rubber Price: 585 $ OBO PayPal G&S, EMS shipping...
  3. U

    Sold  XX X-Metal Frame only

    Oakley XX X-Metal for sale. This is a mint frame, non serial, oem rubber very good: nosepad is large, TS is 25. Nose bridge is tight (subjective). It comes with an mf bag. Price: 390$ OBO, PayPal G&S, EMS shipping included. Thank you for considering.