oakley xx

  1. Fullmetalcowgirl

    Oakley XX

    Hello! Just wanted an opinion on these XX pair. I don’t own any other XX so I’m not sure what they should look like. They are very nice but I can’t see any other mark except the XX on the inside between the lenses, so I actually am wondering if they’re legit.
  2. U

    Buying xx In X metal

    Looking to buy XXin x metal, please pm pictures and price Thank you
  3. Jacob Carstens

    A few new items...

    Last week was good to me.. 2000 French Catalogue Another White Chrome Minute XX Fl. St. X-Metal XX Tio2 complete X-Metal 24K mint Pro Racing Jackets - Pearl + Dark Chrome
  4. U

    Sold Romeo 2.0 Frame

    No lenses or socks unfortunately but I will include a microfibre bag and a second set of nose bombs. The temple shocks are in pretty much perfect condition and the only visible wear is on the tip of one of the arms which is photographed - looks like somebody nibbled on it or something! :/ The...
  5. Diego

    New XX Metals

    Acquired these a few weeks back with scuffed lens!! so now sporting new violet iridium lens! Growing on me now wasn't sure at first but yeh Boom
  6. D

    Added to my small collection, plasma XX.

    Shown below with its TiO2 brother.
  7. dl33t3d

    Oakley XX Twenty vs. XX 2012?

    I can't seem to find info on how to tell apart the vintage vs the 2012 model. Any help would be appreciated. Also is there a guide on them on how to tell if the are legit or fake?