1. A

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone! Love everything Oakley since my first deployment. Sunglasses, backpacks, gloves and hats. Saw some awesome items in here. Looking for anything Oakley with the Puerto Rico flag on it.
  2. O

    Women's Oakley display case

    Selling this women's Oakley display case. Stands 6 feet tall, 5 shelves for displaying sunglasses, the lower storage door is thinner and made of like an acrylic. The plexiglass has some marks on it due to sitting in a store. Originally had it listed for $200 but lowering the price. I live in the...
  3. O

    Women's Oakley display case

    Selling this women's display case I have. Couple of marks on the plexiglass from when it was inside of a store. $200. I live near the Ft. Myers Cape Coral Florida area Price Reduced $175 This case stands 6 feet tall and I cannot deliver and can only do local pickup.
  4. A

    Jomashop sunglasses quality

    Hello, I've found a great deal on jomashop.com. I understand the sunglasses there are probably legit (grey sellers), but wanted to know if you have experience with them and the quality of the items (I've read some comments they might be used, have scratches on them, etc) Thanks
  5. U

    For Sale Oakley Watches For Sale

    Still have 5 watches I am looking to move. Lowered the prices a bit on each. Can send more photos of each - just ask. Gearbox Automatic - Brushed Titanium - $1100 Icon Polished Titanium - Gold (women's) - $200 Icon Titanium - Titanium (women's) - $250 Bullet Stainless Steel - Carbon Fiber -...
  6. U

    For Sale Minute Machine Red Dial 2 gen

    minute machine watch with box minimal usage details nothing serious perfect functioning $ 1100 shipping worldwide
  7. U

    Trading Sutro Valentino Rossi

    sutro vr46 unused complete exchange in xmetal
  8. U

    For Sale Oakley Watches For sale - UPDATED PRICES

    Hey Everyone - Finally hit that 14 day mark and have the following watches available for sale. I have added one photo of each, and below is the name of the watch, asking price and link to additional photos. All watches are plus PayPal fees and shipping. All watch prices are "or best offer." Can...
  9. R

    Which one watch would you bring back?

    Ok - another question for ya!
  10. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    Custom Oakley Bob Heads

    custom Bob Head Spike
  11. P

    The Intro Of Papinosis

    Hello Oakley Forum world, Allow me to introduce myself. I am papinosis. I’ve a fan of Oakley since The Fabulous Freebirds & NWO were sporting Oakleys since the WCW dayz. The 1st ever oakleys I’ve ever purchased was back in 2004 is the Thump 256 Red Camo (Lil Jon Edition). I have posted a...
  12. U

    For Sale Oakley Sutro Precious Mettle Collection

    Oakley Sutro sunglasses Not used with all accessories Limited Series Worldwide shipping $ 550.00
  13. U

    Sold Romeo 1 XMETAL Black Iridium

    Romeo 1 Xmetal Very conserved sunglasses Frame without details Original XMETAL lenses spiked Accompanies Bag Worldwide shipping $ 1400 Dollars
  14. B

    Hey! Can you please help me with authentication of Romeo 1?

    Hey! Can you please help me with authentication of those Romeo 1 glasses. Iam new to collecting Oakley and don’t know much about them but there are no serial number and they are looking strange I think. Thanks in advance
  15. T

    over the top akatsuki

    good morning, i would like to show you a job i did yesterday and i really liked it, i believe that nobody has associated naruto with oakley yet kkkkk
  16. T

    Cleaning a Plasma Juliet

    good afternoon, posting another job today, cleaning in a 1g plasma juliet, follow the results
  17. G

    Legit Check For racing jacket

    Legit check please!!!
  18. L

    Oakley Files Trademark for 'TeamVision'

    According to the filing: TEAMVISION™ trademark registration is intended to cover the category of optician and optometric services. https://uspto.report/TM/90028426 Thoughts? New product line or some sort of eye-doctor partnership?
  19. ThatSunsetBoy

    PS1 Gex wearing Eyejacket?

    Hey everyone, i came across this image of Gex, which is from one of my most favorite childhood game, wearing a what it seems like a EyeJacket? I have vague image of him wearing sunglass like that but i never noticed it was Oakley. Now this is just a one image i was able to find so this could...
  20. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    rare custom BOB HEAD Skull. (Airbrush and Custom Paint)

    Details: Materials: resin and fiberglass. automotive paint Wanda and Sikkens weight (peso): 419 g. Length (longitud): 47 cm. Width (ancho): 19.8 cm. Height (altura): 14.5 cm
  21. santmyre

    OCP Radarlock Retina/Matte Black

    OCP Radarlock Matte Black Retina Burn Icons Retina Burn Bands Fire Iridium Polarized Path Lens/Grey Path Lens Black Socks
  22. U

    Buying M Frame/Mumbo lenses!

    Hello all! I have a Fingerprint M Frame/Mumbo (idk which to call it) that I need a lens for. Looking for an iridium lens or anything dark and reflective. Must be mint with no scratching and come with nose piece. Thanks! Picture attached is the frame I have.
  23. santmyre

    2 pairs OCP Radar EV Retina Flipped!

    I’ve had both pairs for around 2 months. Been on the look out for Retina Burn socks for the black pair. Scored some and completed the color flip. The black pair originally had black socks. Both are OCP’s.
  24. Seek Optics

    Buy 3 Get 1 Free at SeekOptics.com

    Hello Oakleyforum! Our Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion is going on again! For a limited time buy any 3 items from our website and get the 4th item of your choice free of charge! (Discount applies to the least expensive item in cart) (Please add all 4 items to your cart prior to checkout)
  25. theclub27

    Looking to fix my Oakley Spike Hinges.

    Looking to fix my Oakley Spike Hinges. They just fall and are so loose. The screw is tightened all the way.. Originally these arms would not touch the lens, but there was a small bump that prevented this, but that got worn off. I think that was an issue with these. Any ideas would help...
  26. H

    Oakley Dartboard

    What is a reasonable price for Oakley Dartboards SKU #12-821 Brown Tortoise/Gold Iridium? They're in decent shape but the Polarization on the lens is beginning to peel off. By far my favorite glasses but can't find a replacement lens to save my life lol.
  27. U

    For Sale New Oakley Tincan Carbon Ferrari Sunglasses Carbon/Ruby Iridium Tin Can Metal FOR SALE

    These are brand new but considered used. Everything is perfect with them. Asking $225 or BEST offer. Product Description: Tincan Carbon™ Sunglasses Our industrial design DNA achieved the next evolution of TinCan® by matching its stainless steel centerframe with lightweight and...
  28. U

    For Sale Oakley Carabiner and Money Clip

    I have the limited edition gold carabiner and the gold carbon fiber money clip each number out of 1000. Comes with display box and COA. $350 shipped each. Golf divot tool is sold already
  29. A

    New pickup! Ready for Snow! Flight Deck Snow Goggles!

    New to the forum, been researching on these Flight Deck. Friends recommended other brands, but want to keep it all Oakley to go with my entire Oakley outfit. Bought these off a local shop on sale!