1. Rare_Oakley_Head_Display_9.jpg


    Bob Head Display
  2. MJLSr

    Everything Changes

    https://h4vuser.net/t/everything-changes/10600 Greetings Jim, If you happen to see this here on OF... Glad to hear this in a way - it must have been such a long ride. I cannot imagine... Thank you for your time and efforts over the years! Good Luck and Take Care!
  3. bjw

    Sold Sold

    Oakley GASCAN Sunglasses OO9014-5260 Matte White Frame W/ PRIZM Black Lens I have taken the tag off but these are brand new. Looking to get $65 which includes PayPal and Shipping If you are interested. Please PM me and I can send you a PayPal request.
  4. Larry-Espino-Hinojosa

    custom spike Display

    custom spike Display
  5. Jerome

    Oakley Sylas

    Just saw this new model appear on Oakley.com: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/888392454935 Edit: the link above does not seem to work somehow from the oakleyforum site, use this alternative link: https://www.oakley.com/en-us/product/W0OO9448?variant=888392454959 "Oakley® Sylas is a classic...
  6. laizinha


    I'm new here on the forum, it's a pleasure to be here! I'm in love with oakley <3
  7. Gyugyu

    Found WTB Oakley watch: Red-faced Minute Machine or Timebomb 2. - open for offers

    Hello Oakley Forum! I'd like to buy one of the following watches: - Red-faced Minute Machine - in good, working condition, with titanium band, preferably with all the links and the box - Timebomb 2. - in excellent, working/maintained condition - preferably with uncut band I'm open...
  8. 7

    HELP - New Oakley Chrome Pro M Frame

    Hey Everyone, New member here and big time Oakley sunglasses fan! Just scored an incredible deal, I picked up a pair of chrome Pro M Frames with a sweep lens in incredible condition given the age (just missing a little paint on one of the icons). I was wondering if anyone could tell me how many...
  9. Msantarlasci

    For Sale Vintage (90's) Orange Scar - Butterscotch Frames / 24K Iridium Lenses

    Selling these vintage Oakley Scar sunglasses with Butterscotch frames and 24K Iridium lenses Perfect condition with no scratches at all Comes in Oakley sleeve pouch, no original box Looking for $165, but willing to consider all offers.
  10. HawgJ

    Deal HalfX Polished VR28 Black Iridium COMPLETE

    New complete Half X Not a smudge on it. $330.00 >$300.00 Shipped CONUS Will be nicely packed and shipped USPS and fully insured. PM's please if interested. Thanks all.
  11. HawgJ

    Sold PLATE Dark Silver Black Iridium Complete

    Brand new , never worn...not a smudge on it. $300.00USD Shipped CONUS PM's please if interested. Thanks all.
  12. Marchi

    HELP ME ( ap vest)

    Someone selling ap vest? I buy it today, I paid shipping to Brazil. I also bought 24k r1 and penny thump also ( :cool-20: )
  13. W

    Walleva 20% Off Sale

    Happy Easter! Don't miss out our 20% Off Sale on www.walleva.com Code: 0421 Date: 04/17/2019 -- 04/22/2019
  14. Eternalgomer

    For Sale Oakley 3D Gascan The Hobbit Edition

    Limited Edition The Hobbit 3D Oakley Gascan. Comes with original box, soft bag and paperwork. Includes a pin. In almost perfect condition- was worn once or twice. Does have a small nic on the left lens but isn't noticeable while wearing. Looking to sell for $125 and will ship.
  15. Esscaster

    Sold Oakley Plasma/Fire Polarized Juliet Sunglasses

    I'm selling this pair of Plasma/Fire Iridium Polarized Juliets. This was tuned up and refinished in the X-Man Plasma. This was a backup pair to another pair of X-Man Plasma/Fire Iridium Polarized Juliets I had. This has red Linegear rubber temple shocks, orbital gaskets, and ear socks. It's...
  16. Jheyvip

    For Sale oakley x-squared x metal good deal )

    $299.00 plus shipping Frame condition 8/10 ( tight ) brand new aftermarket lens Microfiber included no box , case or coin
  17. Esscaster

    Sold R1 Replacement Lenses

    HI there, selling these lenses for R1s, both of these are used and there are some fine marks on them, but nothing that effects visibility. I would say these are beater lenses. Will ship to CONUS only and prices reflect PP and shipping fees: Linegear Black Polarized - $35 Custom Cut Ruby...
  18. Esscaster

    Sold Oakley X-Man Plasma/Fire Polarized Juliet

    For Sale: This is a pair of Oakley Plasma (The X-Man Plasma) Juliets with Fire Polarized Lenses. I don't believe they were ever serialized, but I bought them when they needed a tune up (they originally had black lenses) and they were freshly tuned up by the X-Man and then given his plasma...
  19. MEACRO

    Sold OCP Racing Jacket Parts

    Hey All, Back a few years, I bought an OCP counter from a local store that was being liquidated and in the bottom was a bag of Racing Jacket temples and upper frames. I don't have hardware, jaws, or other pieces so they're no good to me. Hoping someone here can put them to use! SOLD I...
  20. brisci

    Oakley Design Disrupt Inspire Video

    I worked on shooting a lot of this video. It is actually a compilation of many years of filming, I think from 1998. I thought it would be of interest to this group. Happy watching!
  21. D

    Real or fake Oakley Chainlink?

    I want to buy a pair of Oakley's off Craigslist. However, Im very aware of all the fakes out there. I wanted to run these buy people more knowledgeable than me about sunglasses. Here are the pictures he provided.
  22. R

    Buying Jupiter Factory Lite Carbon Fiber Black & Red

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to find these sunglasses for a friend. His pair broke and I'm helping him hunt for a replacement. They don't need to be new, just in good shape. I've attached photos of his pair. They are polarized
  23. Gyugyu

    Buying Snow Pack (Snowboard Backpack)

    Hey Guys! I'm looking for this Snow Pack backpack in Olive Green colour. If you happen to find one, or have one for sale, please let me know! I would really appreciate your help! Many thanks in advance!
  24. CrazyALee

    Buying Looking for mars crater to buy

    Hello, looking for a mars CRATER, in any range condition from beater pair to mint. Please PM me with what you have and your price, thank you. Preferably x-metal frame with black iridium or ruby iridium lens...
  25. D

    Scratch-like texture on lense from water?!

    Hey there, I have some Radarlock glasses I use for running etc. Yesterday I was running and it began to rain, so at the halfway point of my run, I took off my glasses that were a bit wet and put them in my Oakley microfibre bag and in my Camelbak. They were still a bit wet (hard to dry in the...
  26. OakleyBoss

    Oakley 2018 Black Friday Deals Guide

    This thread will serve as the consolidated area for 2018 Black Friday Oakley deals - have pulled together the below sales which have already been spotted but feel free to post below what else you see out there. Oakley.com Link: Up to 20% Off Sunglasses Deals include: Oakley Holbrook Sale...
  27. Lurch298

    For Sale Metals sliver xl lead torch iridium

    I bought these from a retailer they do not come with the case or a bag. You are buying the sliver xl w Oakley iridium lenses and the yellow revant lenses. There is a very tiny scratch on the right lense and a tiny little dot scratch on the left lense. Neither affect vision for me and they were...
  28. Rico182

    Oakley Siphon - $74.99

    Stumbled upon JomaShop having Oakley Siphon in Matte Black w/ Prizm Gray lenses. Picked up a pair, there was tax ordering from NY, and use "FREESHIP" to get free shipping. Enjoy :cool-33: Oakley Siphon Prizm Grey Rectangular Men's Sunglasses OO9429 942901 64
  29. Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

    Jawbreaker Stem Removal

    Is there any way to remove the stems from the Jawbreaker frame? I want to customize my Jawbreakers.