1. idosupply

    Rare Oakley Corduray Jacket 2007

    Hello! I wonder how much my jacket would worth at? Rare Oakley Corduray Jacket 2007
  2. idosupply

    Hello! My name is Ido and I'm new here. I need Oakley masters help to identify my finds. Thank You!

    Hello! I need you guys the masters to identify my goods finds. Are mine is legit? Can you tell me more please. Thank You!
  3. S

    New Oakley Enthusiast here!

    Hey, Im Sven and currently still in University studying Design. I really appreciate the Design of a lot of the Oakley Watches and altogether the Oakley x Metal Line. Im also interested if someone knows if their are Collectable like sketches or prototypes on the market? In the close Future I...