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    Buying or Trading for Blue Ichiro Earsocks or Complete Set

    Desperately looking to buy or trade for some OEM blue ichiro earsocks. I have the temple shocks and nose bombs but if you wish to sell or trade a complete set that works for me. I am willing to trade OEM green juliet or red juliet /XS rubbers. Also, willing to trade new OEM lenses (ice...
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    Buying Juliet Violet OEM Rubber Set

    Looking for Infinite Hero Violet rubber set OEM. Also interested in individual components — ear socks, preferably TS-25 shocks (or TS-15), nose bombs. Used is fine as long as it still has life left in it. I am open to trading other items. Thanks in advance
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    Sold Juliet green rubbers

    For sale a set of juliet green rubbers. Ear socks, 2 sets of temple shox and nose bombs. All OEM and mint. $63 shipped within the US.