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    For Sale  Oil Drum Brown Smoke/Dark Bronze w/ custom lenses

    Hi all, This Oil Drum Brown Smoke/Dark Bronze (03-407) is a beauty. The frame is in a very good condition, no scratch. Lenses are new LINEGEAR Flash Black. Looking for 100$ > 70$ shipped worldwide. Thank you for looking.
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    Looking for replacement lens for Oil Drum

    Hey Gang, Relatively new here. Tried to do a search but was unable to find anything specific. I'm in search of replacement lens for my Oil Drums. 2 questions: 1) Which eBay seller do you guys trust for authentic lens 2) Any non OEM lenses you would recommend? Thank you in advance.
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    Sold  3 beaters frames

    Hello OF for sale this 3 beaters frame perfect for customs project.. the frames don’t have any part broken Oil drum Frame 7/10 Lenses 4/10 Hijinx Frame 7/10 Lenses 7/10 Minute Frame 5/10 Lenses 7/10 Rubbers 8/10 need cleaning Price 80 usd allin ( 20 for each frame and 20 for the...
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    Sold  Beaters $30

    Lot Beaters Beaters Price for each $ 30 Pay with Paypal Shipping to the United States $ 5
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    Sold  Gascan flying tiger black, Gascan 10th mountain division, oil drum ducati

    Gascan flying tigre negro 8/10 $ 90 Gascan 10a división de montaña 8/10 $ 115 SOLD Oil Drum ducati 7/10 $ 70 Free shipping in the United States Pay Paypal
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    For Sale  BNIB Oil Drum cinder red w/ black iridium

    Hello all :) one very rare oil drum bnib condition, the color with the ligth is espectacular, see the pics, came complete with maching box, papers and bag. Lenses 10/10 Frame 10/10 Price: $160 $150 allin. Payment in PayPal g&s, fees and shipping with tracking and total insurance included...
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    Buying  Nicky Hayden Holbrook and flat black oil drum

    Hi i want to get a pair of the Nicky Hayden Holbrooks Woul altso like to find a black oil drum or a good frame to customize. Oil drum lenses. Can buy or do a trade. Please pm me with what you have.
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    Sold  Oil drum collection

    Selling my oil drums: (All prices are in USD and include shipping) Ask for more pictures on specific frames if you need. Gen2 Polished Black frame 03-405, lenses 10/10, frame 9/10, $200, no box. Gen1 Polished Black frame, lenses 10/10, frame 9/10, $200, no box. Gen1, Cinder red frame, lenses...
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    For Sale  Oakley Oil Drum Amber Black Iridium Polarized - Fullset

    Hi there, I am selling a very rare pair of Oakley Oil Drum Amber Black Iridium Polarized. Including Original Box with Amber Black Label. Box is in very good condition. Model number is 12-866 The pair is still in good condition, but used. The frame has light marks due polished finish. I would...
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    Buying  Oakley Oil Drum Amber Black Iridium Polarized 12-866

    Hi guys, I`m looking for a full set Oil Drum 12-866. If someone wants to sell let me know :) Best regards, Dan
  11. karimo

    Oil Drum Ducati

    Finally got my Oil Drum Ducati, but it is way worse than I was told... The frame is all scratched, the lens doesn't have the ducati etch on it, lenses with many marks, the SKU got erased... and it was all dirty, I mean really dirty, like if the seller took it to a mud fight before shipping it...
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    Buying  My wish list

    I'm looking fot the following pairs: -Nicki Hayden Holbrook -Ducati Oil Drum -Djibril Cisse Oil Drum I don't care if they don't come boxed, without the original microfiber bag, or if the frame show signs of use. Just want them free from scratches on the lenses. ...Also looking for a Jupiter Pin.
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    Found  Oil drum Ducati

    I'm looking for an affordable pair of Ducati Oil Drum. Not important if it doesn't come with the box.
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    Sold  Vintage set ... Oo's Ej... And more #SOLD

    Hi all i need more space in The room soo put For sale other vintage set: Eye Jacket 1.0 FMJ 5.56 complete frame only. 10/10 New used Eye lenses +red Iridium 7/10 with marks of use but does not affect vision Mint Minute 1.0 violet w/ Black Iridium 9/10 with Any mark of use but does not affect...