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    Sold Oakley Oil Rig Matte Clear with Text 24-188

    Oakley Oil Rig Matte Clear with Text 24-188 Frame in excellent condition. No bumps, scratches or lost paint. scratched lenses in conditions 6 / 10 Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 140 Pay with Paypal Free...
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    Buying Oil rig, matte clear text and frost blue with text, and oakley fatcat

    looking to buy this pair to finish off my ice cold holiday rig collection, also looking for a box less pair of frost blue holiday rigs, even just the frames, good condition both please. Also looking for the blue camo fatcats and to be honest any other color , looking for BNIB for everything but...
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    Buying Oakley oil rigs

    Ive been a rig fan for a good while now but never got into collecting more than a dozen pairs, but with a new job and my life settled I was looking to get my hands on some more pairs including : rares, customs, etc.. Definately looking for some holiday pairs( only matte clear, and matte clear...
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    Buying Matte Clear Oil Rig w/ Text , or Frost Blue Oil Rig

    Looking to purchase both sets in the very near future. Can send payment via PayPal same day. Very willing to spend what they're worth. If you have a pair to sell, please shoot me a PM. I'm located in Michigan.