1. Tejada

    Sold Oakley Oil Rig Matte Clear with Text 24-188

    Oakley Oil Rig Matte Clear with Text 24-188 Frame in excellent condition. No bumps, scratches or lost paint. scratched lenses in conditions 6 / 10 Please, if you have any questions or need more photos, send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible. Price $ 140 Pay with Paypal Free...
  2. TimeTank

    For Sale Oil Rig gen 2

    Oil Rig gen2 - $60
  3. Orion

    For Sale Oil Rig/ HiJinx - Beaters

    Ok I don't technically have these for sale......but @Fernando does...... For Sale - 3 beaters frames I'm interested in the Minutes and if I can get someone interested in the other two. I'll broker the deal with Fernando and get the frames to anyone who is willing to partner with me on this deal.
  4. karimo

    For Sale Selling my oil rigs

    Selling my beloved Oil Rigs signature Series: Nicky Hayden: only with bag. Lenses and frame 8/10, a few stains on the bag. Usd $SOLD T-pain gen1: complete in box, frame 10/10, lenses 9/10. Usd $250 shipped T-pain gen2: complete in box, frame 9/10 (a bit lose), lenses 9/10. Usd $250 shipped
  5. karimo

    Oil Rig Nicky Hayden

    I've just heard the bad news about Nicky Hayden... and an hour later I got the parcel with Nicky's Oil rig inside. This pair is almost as amazing as the great Nicky Hayden's career.
  6. Trucker360

    For Sale Frogskins and Oil Rig

    I have a gen 1 oil rig. 03-490. Due to being discontinued they have brand new volt polarized lenses. (All I could find on ebay) 105$ (5$ s&h) obo. Frogskins Heaven and earth collection matte white. Custom purple fade by Ken boyer. Violet lenses BIP lenses Box, papers, bag Extra bag. 75$ (5$ s&h)
  7. C

    When were Oakley Oil Rig Polished Clear first sold?

    Hello my Oakley Forum family, I have looked around where to post this question, and I think I found the right place. Q: Do you know when the Polished Clear Oakley Oil Rigs were put into production or sale by Oakley, and then when were those pulled out of stores? I thought I seen the Oakley...
  8. Oakleynerd

    Sold Oakley Holiday 2009 Frost Blue Silver History Text with Chrome 24-187 Oil Rig

    hello O-community i'm moving some stuff around and found this beauty in one of my storage. the pair is brand new and never worn . . . price tag is like all the time with international trackable insured bombproof shipping - payment via paypal G&S . . . asking price but it's not in stone...
  9. karimo

    Found Oil rig signature series Nicky Hayden

    I'm looking for a pair of Nicky Hayden Oil Rig. Must be in good shape and the price must be good too ;). I don't really care if it isn't boxed, but I do want it to come with the Microfiber pouch.
  10. Jimbabwe

    Buying Oil rig, matte clear text and frost blue with text, and oakley fatcat

    looking to buy this pair to finish off my ice cold holiday rig collection, also looking for a box less pair of frost blue holiday rigs, even just the frames, good condition both please. Also looking for the blue camo fatcats and to be honest any other color , looking for BNIB for everything but...
  11. Jimbabwe

    Matte clear oil rig holiday

    so I already bought a pair of matte clear oil rigs, but a guy is offering me a brand new pair for 164 just no box and I'm very on the fence about buying it, what do you guys think? I know it's not a recent purchase I'm asking about but I did make a recent purchase of this same frame already...
  12. Jimbabwe

    Buying Oakley oil rigs

    Ive been a rig fan for a good while now but never got into collecting more than a dozen pairs, but with a new job and my life settled I was looking to get my hands on some more pairs including : rares, customs, etc.. Definately looking for some holiday pairs( only matte clear, and matte clear...
  13. D

    Buying Matte Clear Oil Rig w/ Text , or Frost Blue Oil Rig

    Looking to purchase both sets in the very near future. Can send payment via PayPal same day. Very willing to spend what they're worth. If you have a pair to sell, please shoot me a PM. I'm located in Michigan.
  14. theafroman

    Oil Rig - Factory Text vs. Ghost Text?

    Hi everyone, I just want to see what you guys think, what is a better frame for the Oil Rig, the factory text, or the ghost text? Factory Text: Ghost Text: