oki ni frogskins

  1. Soulfulfrog

    Lost frogs. This is a bad one.

    I had to post to a thread as I'm dealing with an issue with a missing oki ni For 36 days now which I traded a koston craftsman, a custom valentine frog I painted and 250 cash. Crappie part is that I had one and shifted to a friend... I was told to ship out express and the trader was to do the...
  2. ericforman

    Oki-Ni Frogskins?

    Did anyone pick these up? I'm not the biggest fade guy, but I really like these. Oakley Oakley for oki-ni Exclusive Frogskin | oki-ni
  3. chrisbron

    Goodies From The Mailman :)

    Thanks to a fellow collector near Birmingham, I got these today: UPDATE: