old oakleys

  1. I

    Question about Oakley SI older m frames

    I recently bought this m frames and I was wandering about them that these lenses will fit. They seem to be some of the earlier models that don’t have the clip that goes though the top of the Lens. The are still 2.0 m frames maybe the current m frames lenses will work ??? Help !!!!
  2. S

    Need help identifying my Oakleys

    Hey everyone I just found a pair of Oakleys my mom bought me around 1999, I'm wanting to get replacement lenses for and I can't remember what model they are, any help would be great. Thanks
  3. DrtyHarry

    I Found my Old Oakleys!

    Looks like my dog grabbed them and hid them behind the couch. They must be a good 10 years old. They are the old SQUARE WIRE 2.0 glasses. The lenses need to be replaced, but Oakley no longer makes them! Sooo....I got on eBay and found a few companies offering aftermarket lenses. But I have no...