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    Help with Lens Identification

    I have had Oakley's and only Oakley's going back at least twenty years. I found these lenses and they don't seem to go to any of my glasses and they only pair that I can recall ever losing was a pair of Flak Jackets but I have other pairs of Flak Jackets and they don't fit them. I am wondering...
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    Help please identifying these old Oakley frames

    Please help me to identify what frame these Oakley sunglasses are. They are probably about 10 years old. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    Oakley's or Fakley's? Also what model?

    Good morning everyone. I've been a long time Oakley fan and decided to add a new set to my collection. I bought these for $30 bucks off of Offer Up. I know they're an older model but I wasn't familiar with a lot of the missing logos and design. I'm wondering if I bought a set of fakes for a...
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    Buying Oakley big brimmed hat

    I'm hunting an Oakley late 80s or early 90s white Oakley hat with a very large white brim. Solid white, says Oakley or Oakley thermo nuclear on the front, Velcro adjust on the back with Oakley written on the Velcro. A low profile hat. Anyone know what I am talking about?
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    Buying WTB: Oakley canvas wallet BIFOLD

    Hello I'm hoping someone on this forum has this particular wallet, an extra one perhaps in fair or new condition they'd like to sell me? I normally use the "small leather wallet, black" but I'm going on a trip where its gona be too bulky. Pics of one attached, thanks!