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    Oakley 2012 olympic gearbox watches set of 3 bronze, silver and gold.

    Does anyone have an idea of what the value is of all 3 bronze, silver and gold gearbox watches thanks :)
  2. Z


    Hello, looking for Oakley rio lanyard double hook. I have the multicolored looking for Jet black 99414RIO-01k and 99414RIO-00G I have the 99414RIO-465 already. Thanks for any help
  3. U

    Buying Frogskins Rio Bronze medal.

    Looking for a pair of the Rio bronze medal vinner frogskins. Can buy or trade.
  4. U

    Sold Olympic Half Jacket 2.0

    These are a little rough. no major scratches, but lenses are pulling away at the edges. Ear stems are peeling a bit. $40 free ship
  5. R

    Just picked this up! Haven’t seen anything like it?

    Hi all! Picked this up on eBay recently! Have never seen an Oakley Olympic hard case like this before! Any ideas when and where this is from? Thanks
  6. U

    For Sale PINS

    As the title says. $20 plus shipping for each pin, excluding Expert and Jupiter Camo pin, asking $30 a piece.
  7. U

    Sold Canadian Olympic Committee OAKLEY TURBINE OO9263-23 BNIB

    Hello Oakley-family, up for sale is a brand new in box Oakley Turbine Canada Olympic Team Limited Edition . . . SKU# OO 9263-23 with PRIZM DAILY POLARIZED LENS. what you see is what you get - pin / special micro bag / box and glasses ;) asking - US $ 189.oo with international, trackable &...
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    Buying Vancouver Olympic Pin

    Looking to buy a Vancouver Canada Olympic pin if anyone's got a spare!
  9. 702baby

    Rio Olympics 2016

    Anyone watched the opening ceremony? Watching the replay of the parade of nations. Not gonna lie, I've never heard some of the smaller countries that are partaking in the games.