oo black iridium polarized

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    Sold Fuel Cell - Breast Cancer, OO Black Iridium Polarized

    Hey guys, Up for sale, my barely used Breast Cancer Coalition awareness Fuel Cells…. Comes with the original box, paperwork, pin and breast cancer micro bag. They are in pristine condition. Lenses are OO Black Iridium Polarized, frames are Matte Black. I bought these new, worn minimally...
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    Sold Split Jacket Ghost Text / OO BIP + HI Yellow

    Icon - Black Sock - Black Bolt - Metallic Grey/Black Speckled Lens - OO BIP vented Lens - Yellow vented No major blemishes to the upper + temples, the jaws have some very light wear on the inner portions which aren't apparent while worn nor on display; I've tried to best highlight them in the...
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    Sold Pit bull Metallic Black w/ OO Black Iridium Polarized SKU: OO9127-05

    Hello OFamily For sale a Pit bull Metallic Black with OO Black Iridium Polarized, like new, never used, one lenses have a very superficial line, very dificult to get with the eyes and more dificult to see in the pic, is very low and I rated this lense in 9,99, came with the bag only, see tge...
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    Sold Juliet OO Black Iridium Polarized lenses

    OO Black Iridium Polarized lenses Custom cut by the O fam's very own, Chris A Hardaway, these were cut from correct 8 base curve donors and fit perfectly in the orbitals. They are in 9.5/10 in mint condition and only mounted once. (sadly) I ended up parting with the frames I had them in, but...
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    Sold Juliet Carbon / OO Black

    CONUS shipping. Nose - 9 Frame - 9.5 (non-serialized, no sku) Rubber - 9.5 Lenses - custom cut OO Black Polarized - 9.5 If you want a different lens, new or used, I will most likely be able to accommodate. $270
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    For Sale Or trade, XS Carbon OO Black Polar -- price Drop

    Was $650, now $600 Might consider trades for Romeo, Mars Emerald, Mars Ruby, or Minute Machine. If another potentially great offer comes along, it will be considered. Absolutely mint. Box, coin, carrying case, and extra temple shocks included. When someone pulls the trigger for asking price...
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    For Sale OO bip XS Bnib mint.

    Up for sale is a complete collector mint example of a hard to come by OO bip X-squared. It's flawless all around. Price is traded$ all inclusive. (No trades) pm with any questions. Thanks! Offering a free beanie with purchase. For Sale - New w/tags Skull beanie (reversible)
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    Looking to trade a pair of X-SQUARED - CARBON W/ OO BLACK POLARIZED - OO6011-08 BNIB for X-SQUARED - X-METAL W/ RUBY IRIDIUM - OO6011-03 The X-Metal XS should also be brand new and complete with all original packaging I will provide pictures of what I have if you are interested in the trade.

    New Additions!

    Picked up some new additions to the collections over the weekend. 24-325: VR46 FrogSkin w/ Fire Iridium. 24-243: Crystal Blue w/ Violet Iridium. (lens swap) 24-298: Matte Black w/ Jade Iridium. (lens swap) 24-258: Smog Text-Matte Grey w/ OO Black Iridium Polarized. (lens swap) Custom...
  10. Regular_John

    Smog Text Frogskins

    Picked these up a few days ago with a set of OO Black Polarized lenses as well. Got a few more on the way, I'll post pics when they all get here.