1. hellboy95

    Young Oakley Fan

    Hi, I'm a huge fan of the Oakley designs from the early 2000s and late 90s. I started following the brand and looking into its history a few months ago and have fallen in love ever since. Definitely into the more outlandish designs, Oakley has done over the years, whether it be sunglasses or...
  2. Oneninesixtwo

    Desperately need inputs on minute machine.

    Hi everyone i'm relative new to the game. I'm looking to get my first Oakley watch. I'm eyeing a minute machine (time tank). What are the Pros and Cons? and how much are they selling for lately? are there variants of such.? Thank you in advance.
  3. U

    Sold Overthetop FMJ+ / Fire Iridium

    Hello OF It is used, the lenses have marks and it has a part that is wrong as the photos look, it does not bother me, but it would be necessary to change them, the frame has some marks but it is very little, it is very good, it comes with its cloth cover and the inner pads SKU: 04-060 Lenses...
  4. U

    Sold Overthetop FMJ 5.56 / Ice Iridium

    Hello for sale this awesome OTT fmj with ice lenses, all is original, It is used very little, just to take some photos, the lenses have some very superficial marks but they do not look or bother when you use them it is very little you can see it in the photos they are in an excellent condition...
  5. U

    Sold OTT

    Over The Top Awesomeness for sale. I'd say they're in good condition with minor wear. Lenses are pretty good with a few minor scuffs and a small spot of delamination on the top of the right lens. Just moved to St. Louis and unfortunately these need to go to help get by till I start my new job...
  6. U

    Traded Emerald OTT

    Looking for R1, Mars, XX in that order. Flexible on condition and of course I can always add cash to make the trade even-ish. PM me what you got. Overall finish is great, lenses have a couple pin point marks on the outside (hard to capture), pads are intact but dusty of course.
  7. U

    Sold OTT

    Selling this OTT to fund a x metal purchase. It’s in used condition, come with the box and baggy. Lenses have a couple marks, finish is in good condition with a couple markings. Looking for $575 net to me, shipped to you. CONUS ONLY. HELP ME BUY MORE X METALS BY BUYING MY STUFF!
  8. U

    Buying Looking for Oakley Over the Top

    Looking to buy a set of nice Oakley over the Tops. I would prefer the metallic frame with red lenses but wouldn’t hurt to see what else is out there. i remember seeing a pair in the Oakley case at a local mall with I was just a kid and begging my mom to let me try them on. Please message me if...
  9. U

    Found FMJ OTT

    Looking for FMJ OTT with fire lens a pair in good condition is desired. box or no box is fine
  10. T

    Custom over the top 2020

    Custom ott 2020 Today work
  11. M

    ott question

    what does it mean when a lens on the top starts to fog up (only stays with it on the head)?
  12. U

    Sold OVER THE TOP | Flat Black w/ Fire Iridium custom ott

    Selling an OTT on behalf of a friend. Little story behind this one. It was a FMJ / Fire OTT with a tiny surface crack in the frame. The crack didn't go through, just surface stress crack in the paint. Anyway. It was repaired professionally (see picture) - plasticwelded with anonther thin layer...
  13. U

    For Sale Over The Tops OTT LNIB FMJ with Fire Lenses

    For sale are Over the Tops (OTT) Mull Metal Jacket (FMJ) with fire lenses. Never worn, BNIB. I only ever displayed them. $600
  14. U

    Traded Oakley OTT Black/Chrome $340

    I have a pair of Oakley OTT that’s black with chrome lenses. I bought these and just can’t ever see myself wearing them. I was going to keep them for display but found another item I’m looking to buy. Looking to get $360 OBO. TIA!
  15. ShortChangeHero

    Show us your OTT

    Show and tell time...
  16. S

    How to tell my Over The Tops are real??

    So I recently bought a pair of emeralds Over The Tops. when I got them they were not metal as I was expecting, but a plastic like material. Thoughts?
  17. ShortChangeHero

    OTT storage/transportation

    Taking a trip to Cali in the summer and I wanted to take my OTT so I can show it off at the nude beaches. My only issue is there is no way to fold them so I can put them in a transitional Oakley case. Does anyone have anything suggestions? Open to ideas... please and thank you. Yes I know I...
  18. U

    For Sale OTT (Over The Top)- Silver with Fire Iridium

    Collectible, hard to find & in great condition!!! Only worn briefly over the years when friends & family would try on for fun. Majority of life has been spent sitting comfortably in our safe. Frames are silver & lens color is Fire Iridium. There are a few tiny scratches on left lens that are...
  19. U

    Sold OTT fmj/emerald

    Pictures speak for itself these are in great condition lens might show some cleaning marks but can’t really pick up in picture. $525 shipped US
  20. U


    Hello all, Up for sale are a total of FIVE items. I will first list the prices of these items, to keep everything nice and tidy. They do not all have to be bought together but package deals DO take preference. ITEMS FOR SALE - PRICES ARE PP G&S AND INCLUDE SHIPPING: MARS LEATHER: SERIAL...
  21. U

    Deal OTT FMJ Fire iridium Complete - collectible

    For sale is an OTT FMJ in excellent condition. No scratches on glass or frame. Comes complete with box and lens bag. Additional images can be posted in any desired angle and position. U̶S̶D̶ ̶5̶5̶0̶,̶-̶ USD 475,- Norwegian post office shipping (USD 50,-) is included. This shipment has no...
  22. U

    Traded (or selling) my OTT Black/Ruby

    Black OTT / Ruby. Overall in awesome condition, lenses have no issues, frame with very light storage marks. Includes the original microfiber that covers the lenses. All pads in perfect condition. Will consider trade for: XS Plasma/Ice mint & complete Mars Ruby, mint & complete Pit Boss 1...
  23. U

    Sold Black OTT Carbon/Ruby

    Hi everyone, It's in good condition with minor wear. A little rub on the front edges shown in the pics, the lenses are in pretty good shape. The left lens has a little longer line through the iridium coating but appears pretty superficial. Both lenses have minor marks but they're very faint...
  24. U

    Sold The Top / OTT Silver FMJ 5.56 /

    for sale.Oakley Over The Top / OTT Silver FMJ 5.56 / / new never used. papers, microbag, box. as shown in the photos. Price 420$ free shipping DHL PayPal payment
  25. Tejada

    Ott differences

    experts in advance thank you very much. I have 2 ott with some differences. investigating a little I could know that one of these is from the first generation. Could you give me information about the year of launch of c / u? Do they have a difference in price?
  26. U

    Buying Beater. OTT

    I don't need lens just the frame. A project that clouded my mind for months now just need to do it.
  27. U

    Sold OTT Carbon/Ruby -- Sold

    $400 Box designed for fmj/black. Any questions please send PM.
  28. U

    Sold OTT - Black w Ruby

    OTT black frame with Ruby lenses. Frame is in good condition and lenses are fair. They do show signs of use and I tried to take the pics to show it. No box or micro bag. Asking $SOLD. Shipping to United States only. Feel free to ask questions.
  29. Pospaintballer

    3 years old and already wants these.

    A little to big but she wants a pair now.
  30. U

    For Sale OTT Fmj/black iridium

    For sale OTT with black iridium lenses w/matching box . In great condition. Lenses 9/10 a few minor scratches out of line of sight. Frame 9/10 has a few small marks. Soft pads in near perfect shape. Doesn't come with microfiber bag. Asking 500$->425$ plus shipping (20$ flat rate worldwide)...