over the top akatsuki

    good morning, i would like to show you a job i did yesterday and i really liked it, i believe that nobody has associated naruto with oakley yet kkkkk
  2. Gunn

    For Sale OVER THE TOP | Flat Black w/ Fire Iridium custom ott

    Selling an OTT on behalf of a friend. Little story behind this one. It was a FMJ / Fire OTT with a tiny surface crack in the frame. The crack didn't go through, just surface stress crack in the paint. Anyway. It was repaired professionally (see picture) - plasticwelded with anonther thin layer...
  3. mikemskater

    For Sale Over The Tops OTT LNIB FMJ with Fire Lenses

    For sale are Over the Tops (OTT) Mull Metal Jacket (FMJ) with fire lenses. Never worn, BNIB. I only ever displayed them. $600
  4. Jmgarcia

    Show us your OTT

    Show and tell time...
  5. S

    How to tell my Over The Tops are real??

    So I recently bought a pair of emeralds Over The Tops. when I got them they were not metal as I was expecting, but a plastic like material. Thoughts?
  6. Jmgarcia

    OTT storage/transportation

    Taking a trip to Cali in the summer and I wanted to take my OTT so I can show it off at the nude beaches. My only issue is there is no way to fold them so I can put them in a transitional Oakley case. Does anyone have anything suggestions? Open to ideas... please and thank you. Yes I know I...
  7. CrkMay2015

    For Sale OTT (Over The Top)- Silver with Fire Iridium

    Collectible, hard to find & in great condition!!! Only worn briefly over the years when friends & family would try on for fun. Majority of life has been spent sitting comfortably in our safe. Frames are silver & lens color is Fire Iridium. There are a few tiny scratches on left lens that are...
  8. Pospaintballer

    Sold OTT fmj/emerald

    Pictures speak for itself these are in great condition lens might show some cleaning marks but can’t really pick up in picture. $525 shipped US
  9. K

    For Sale Multiple Oakley Products (Fixtures, Eyewear, Prints, Accessories)

    Hey Everyone - I have updated prices and inventory for a number of Oakley products that former employees are selling. Inventory and price list can be found below. Images can be found here: Dropbox - Oakley - Simplify your life Prices do not included shipping costs. All sales are final and...
  10. htrap2294


    Hello all, Up for sale are a total of FIVE items. I will first list the prices of these items, to keep everything nice and tidy. They do not all have to be bought together but package deals DO take preference. ITEMS FOR SALE - PRICES ARE PP G&S AND INCLUDE SHIPPING: MARS LEATHER: SERIAL...
  11. X-Metal Beast

    Traded (or selling) my OTT Black/Ruby

    Black OTT / Ruby. Overall in awesome condition, lenses have no issues, frame with very light storage marks. Includes the original microfiber that covers the lenses. All pads in perfect condition. Will consider trade for: XS Plasma/Ice mint & complete Mars Ruby, mint & complete Pit Boss 1...
  12. IAMOBS

    Sold Black OTT Carbon/Ruby

    Hi everyone, It's in good condition with minor wear. A little rub on the front edges shown in the pics, the lenses are in pretty good shape. The left lens has a little longer line through the iridium coating but appears pretty superficial. Both lenses have minor marks but they're very faint...
  13. Tejada

    Sold The Top / OTT Silver FMJ 5.56 /

    for sale.Oakley Over The Top / OTT Silver FMJ 5.56 / / new never used. papers, microbag, box. as shown in the photos. Price 420$ free shipping DHL PayPal payment
  14. Tejada

    Ott differences

    experts in advance thank you very much. I have 2 ott with some differences. investigating a little I could know that one of these is from the first generation. Could you give me information about the year of launch of c / u? Do they have a difference in price?
  15. Pospaintballer

    Buying Beater. OTT

    I don't need lens just the frame. A project that clouded my mind for months now just need to do it.
  16. xmetal40

    Sold OTT Carbon/Ruby -- Sold

    $400 Box designed for fmj/black. Any questions please send PM.
  17. Lupetto

    For Sale OTT Fmj/black iridium

    For sale OTT with black iridium lenses w/matching box . In great condition. Lenses 9/10 a few minor scratches out of line of sight. Frame 9/10 has a few small marks. Soft pads in near perfect shape. Doesn't come with microfiber bag. Asking 500$->425$ plus shipping (20$ flat rate worldwide)...
  18. karimo

    For Sale Fire OTT in box NOW $50 off

    Fire ott Complete and boxed Frame 10/10 Lenses 9/10 Just a small hair line (last pic) Before: $599 // NOW $549
  19. Fernando

    Sold OTT ( Over the top ) fmj+ w/ fire iridium

    Description: Like new in box SKU: 04-060 Frame 9,9/10 Lenses 9,9/10 Complete with maching box paper and bag, only use two or three time to take a selfie, perfect, don't have defects, I put 9,9 but all is 10/10. Price $690 $650 #SOLD Payment in PayPal g&s with fees and shipping included with...
  20. Oakley dork

    Sold Growler...hatchet....Madman

    I'm looking for $350 for the set all three together madman's are in perfect shape no scratches on the lenses does not come with the barrel the hatchets are 10 out of 10 still in the box the growler is 64 ounces the big one(only unwrapped for pics) ....not really trying to make any money here...
  21. OakleyBoss

    Oakley Over the Top (OTT) w/ Black Iridium

    Not a bad deal on these Over the Tops (OTT's) on eBay. $375 but from the description they do not come with the box. Regardless if you're interested in the pair, this is on the lower end of scoring one. RARE! Oakley Over The Tops OTT Silver Frames Black Iridium Lenses, Sunglasses...
  22. CarGuy

    Teaser IH pics

    Started a new collection shoot last night and ran into an issue with my SD card. Here's a few teasers tho:
  23. Fernando

    Sold WTS Over The Top FmJ+/Fire Iridium #SOLD

    Other one awasome frame for sale, this time Over The Top fmj+/fire sku#04-060 is The frame only dont have box papers or bag. The frame and lenses have some signs of use, you can be seen in the photos. Frame 9/10 Lenses 9,5/10 Price 400usd all in Thanks for look.
  24. DevinOTT

    For Sale Over The Tops

    I have a pair of black ruby lens OTT for sale in near perfect condition. I have the bag and box for them as well. All offers will be entertained but please no lowball offers. These are hard for me to let go of but I just don't wear them and want them to go to a good home. Asking 600
  25. Oakley Ron

    Oakley Ron Collection Updated 12-17-16

    Hey Guys. I got my new Oakley Case and wanted to share my new set up.....So excited to have the real deal case. It feels good! Have a look.
  26. CarGuy

    Nuclear testers/Doomsday preppers only need apply

    I sh*t you not... "Extremely unique New from store never used Mega Rare finding in original box please contact me for any details sold as seen in pictures the best quality products this is actually worth $5,000 directly from Oakley central facility and will be available limited time only see for...
  27. Wancervelo

    My latest Xmetal steal.....

    Xmetal Madness.....
  28. Raptor

    My latest addition

    Took delivery of the Ott this morning :)
  29. DhameonXX

    New OTT And Medusa?

    So I went to my local Oakley store here in Austin and got to chatting about the death of the X-Metal lenses and aside from the usual news of new Juliets the rep at the store also told me they will be re-releasing the Over The Top and Medusa. Has anyone else heard anything about this as well...
  30. Oakley Ron

    Oakley Ron Collection Pics

    Hey guys. I decided to dust out my cases today and decided to take some family photos. These are all taken with my Samsung Note 3..no fancy filters. I am no camera guy. Anyways have a look.