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    Sold Unknown Overcast / G30 Black Iridium

    Hello OF for Unknown Overcast with G30 Black Iridium lenses, is used the frame and rubbers still in very good condition but the lenses have a cleaning marks, It has cleaning marks, i put adn wear it and does not bother the vision see the pics, they are very good, came with the bag only. SKU...
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    Sold Bnob Unknown Overcast W/ G30 Black Iridium Sku#03-318 *sold*

    Hello all i have this for sale BNOB Unknown Overcast frame with G30 Black Iridium lenses, Is new only put on Bob for take the pics, came with the mf-bag and a new white hard case. Sku#03-318 Date: 2004-2004 Price 130usd + shipping and fees If need. Thanks for look, have a good day.