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    For Sale  Overlord Satin Black / Fire lenses

    Selling this beauty, excellent shape, nice and tight. New aftermarket Apex lenses. $200 + Shipping (worldwide $50)
  2. U

    Sold  Overlord NIB

    Hi, I have 2 sets of OVERLORD NIB in Satin Black. Both boxes are not perfect bur frames and rubbers are mint. 150 USD EACH 250 USD BOTH OPEN to OFFER or TRADE shipped by DHL to US or within EU delivery in 4/5 working days.
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    Sold  Split Jacket, SJ lenses, RX Overlord Ti

    All gone, nothing to see here.
  4. Professor Oak

    Representing the DMV

    This is so awesome. So hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Jason and I'm extremely excited to be a part of this community. I've recently become an Oakley fanatic and really have gotten the chance to embrace the brand. I only just turned twenty one but honestly I've always been way more...