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    Sold  Overthetop Flat Black / Ruby Iridium

    Hello Ofamily I put on sale another of my jewels, this time the epic black OTT, I have only worn twice to take pictures, they are not unpacked so I put the ratio of 9/10 but they are perfect without defects or scratches, like the first day, comes complete, very hard to get these days and more in...
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    Sold  OTT

    Over The Top Awesomeness for sale. I'd say they're in good condition with minor wear. Lenses are pretty good, with a few minor scuffs and a small spot of delamination on the top of the right lens. Just moved to St. Louis and unfortunately, these need to go to help get by till I start my new job...
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    For Sale  Random Oakley Madscience case bag

    Bags Bag ott Case small Coin xsquared Sweatshirt mad science Size S but very large wears L 09/10 Very hard to find old school Decade 90 400$ Worldwide shipping