1. U

    Sold Price drop !!! Radar pace !!

    Hey guys I switched phones and I can't get these to work right so I'm going to move them on !! Actually used about 10 times !! Sorry I scratched the original Prizm road lenses cleaning them today;! ( Not been my day!! ) Clear lenses haven't been used ! Has all extras it came with!! $75.84 obo...
  2. U

    For Sale Radar pace $250

    Selling my radar pace. I do a lot mountain biking and my ev zeros just work better. Iv used these maybe 10 times and they work and sound great but like I mentioned just not what I need. I have everything them. Both lenses, headphones, extra earbuds, wind deflector, box, paper work, case The road...
  3. Greasedscotsman

    Oakley Radar Pace

    Are these new? Not sure I've seen them before. 18 - Megeve TT small - Images | Gruber Images (apologies if this has been posted already, not a very frequent user here...)