1. M

    Startting a small workshop, Wool or 400 pit Sand Paper? Spray paint or Gun Spraying paint?

    I've been watching a lot of videos in the last years and reading a lot of posts. What I'm not sure yet is if I should use sand paper before washing each part or wool instead? I keep finding conflictual information. Also for the for paint; I've seen people using high quality spray paint, which I...
  2. Pospaintballer

    Painting Display cases

    Thinking about changing up some of my 3.0/3.1 towers. What's the best paint or coating to use. I was thinking I would try to rhino line one or something of the sort. Any ideas or recommendations?
  3. V

    How to create camo-pattern?

    How you you paint camo on radar or radarlock lenses? I already know about dipping but I want to do it with paint