1. U

    For Sale SI Velcro Patches

    Continuing my moving sale and found these just lying around! 3 Si Patches looking to get $15 USD shipped a piece or if you get all 3 it will be $38 shipped thanks Charlie don’t surf patch night Patch Ellipse gold Defense crest gray
  2. A

    AP Patch?

    I’m not sure if this is real or not. Never seen this patch anywhere.
  3. U

    For Sale Oakley SI Patches

    All are new in their packages. Some are more common, some quite rare, but selling all at the same price for OF'ers. All have velcro on the backside. Buy 4 - $65USD shipped (shipping costs me $14) Buy 6 - $85USD shipped Buy 8 - $100USD shipped Buy 1 of each (14) - $150USD shipped 1. Nex Brown...
  4. U

    Sold Oakley SI Patch Bundle

    Up for sale is a bundle that includes 13 SI patches and two SI cleaning cloth's. Everything is new and unopened. The entire bundle is $80 USD includes PayPal G&S and priority USPS shipping. Please no trades or international shipping.
  5. Csubi

    What size patch should I buy for my SI Cap?

    Just bought a new SI Cap and was wondering what size patches are the best for them. My choices are: 1in X 2in - Small 1.75in X 3.25in - Med 10cm X 5cm - Large (Army issue size) Thanks
  6. The_Darkone

    New Oakley SI Patches Available

    These new patches are available on the Oakley SI site.