paul smith jeans

  1. chrisbron

    One Left To Go!

    As some might know, I managed to snatch a pair of Pink Paul Smith frogs for dirt cheap. Got 2 more today from Michael! Thank you! :) Just the purple left to find!
  2. F

    Frogs I'm looking for...

    Desperately looking for a pair of Pink Paul Smith's....I've seen/heard of people getting them for a range of prices. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a resonable price and if anyone knows of any out there for grabs!
  3. froghog

    Isn't she pretty in......

    Pink! Gotta thank Frogtastic for these. I think they look much better with the +red lenses.
  4. chrisbron

    Luckiest pick-up I've ever had!

    I went to Bicester Village today (it's an outlet centre in the UK) and went into the Paul Smith outlet store, looking for some ties. Instead, I found the PS Frogskins there! On their own. Unfortunately no box, no bag but legit frogskins. Wanted £113 but haggled him down claiming they were on...