paypal refund

  1. Xformr

    Groupon - Flak 2.0 XL (Prizm options) at $70

    *** So, these ended up being fakes. Sorry to everyone who invested time and money into this. If you're reading this, go to about page 10 of this thread where there seems to be some resolution or protection for the buyers who got duped. Good luck all! *** Pretty *fake* deal going on over on...
  2. us_Sheikh

    Deal Gone Sour - (*Stuck Refund) - What Should I do?

    Okay guys, I'm just writing in to take some advice and I hope that you all can be very helpful which you always have been. Here goes, I saw a post in the excghange section and liked a couple of pairs for which I messaged the seller. Everything was going well and although I must have sent him...