1. MR2000

    Buying on Oakley Forum basics.

    Well, people. I'm ready to start to trade here. I'll start buying a couple things I've identified. Well, I'm almost ready. First, I have you ask for your tips about buying in this place. I'll use my pay-pal account. I've always used it when buying on ebay, so I've never had to go to solve any...
  2. OakleyBoss

    New Rule - 12/20 - Paypal F&F No Longer Allowed

    This it to alert all members of a new rule coming out. As of December 20th 2015, the following rule will be in effect: Members may no longer request PayPal F&F as a method of payment All payments should be sent through G&S to comply with PayPal terms of service Members may not request 3%...