penny ice titanium

  1. U

    Buying Oakley penny Titanium ice one

    Looking for a penny titanium ice one, mint condition, better with coin and box.
  2. ChinoTJ

    Penny Titanium Ice Iridium

    I decided to play it safe and not get the Romeos that i asked for help on Thursday, and yesterday my Facebook alerts showed this Titanium Ice Iridium Pennys for just $95 usdlls, i know that they are small but it was too good of a deal to let them pass. The only flaw is that they are missing the...
  3. U

    Sold Penny titanium w/ Ice iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale one penny titanium with ice iridium lenses, all is oem, the lenses have a cleaning mark and the left one one line I try to capture in the pic but is low and can’t see wen you put the glasses and no affect the vision, i rate low the lenses to save my ass lolll, came with...
  4. U

    For Sale Penny Titanium Ice Serialized

    Penny - PI###### - Titanium / Ice Iridium - 7.75/10 Condition SOLD ~ TRADED I ask you use you own judgement to decide how you see their condition - as we each have own idea of where the line is drawn in terms of what each number on 0-10 rating scale actually represents... Since it’s unlikely...
  5. U

    For Sale Penny Titanium/Ice Iridium *Price Dropped*

    Not had these long but need to free up some funds for a new project. Used but Mint Condition Titanium Penny with Ice Iridium lenses. No marks on Frame or Lenses, small amount of movement on the nose, not in need of a Tune-up just yet but the price reflects the need to do it in the future. I...