penny ice titanium

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    For Sale  Beater Penny Serial PI

    For sale beater Penny with serial PI Condition as on pictures. Look like spring hinge was customs not original from oakley but work functionally Frame only, no lens, no rubber, need extra nosebridge tune up with new rubber tempershock Price $395 include shipping from indonesia Payment paypal...
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    Sold  Oakley Penny Titanium with ice iridium mint

    For sale my ex display mint condition Oakley penny with ice iridium lens. Been storage so long at my camera dry cabinet and never been used as not fit with my face. Come with matching serial number on frame and boxes. Sorry no coin on the box as i lost it Low serial number only 3 digit There...
  3. Nakmuay

    Weird serial number

    Dear Oakley experts, I have my eye on a pair of Oakley pennys titanium/ice iridium with a serial number that checks out but it looks like this.. I fail to find another example in this font. Any leads? Thank you in advance
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    Buying  I’d like a penny

    As title states Ill consider any condition; complete, pair, frame only, beater
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    Buying  Oakley penny Titanium ice one

    Looking for a penny titanium ice one, mint condition, better with coin and box.
  6. ChinoTJ

    Penny Titanium Ice Iridium

    I decided to play it safe and not get the Romeos that i asked for help on Thursday, and yesterday my Facebook alerts showed this Titanium Ice Iridium Pennys for just $95 usdlls, i know that they are small but it was too good of a deal to let them pass. The only flaw is that they are missing the...
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    Sold  Penny titanium w/ Ice iridium

    Hello OFamily for sale one penny titanium with ice iridium lenses, all is oem, the lenses have a cleaning mark and the left one one line I try to capture in the pic but is low and can’t see wen you put the glasses and no affect the vision, i rate low the lenses to save my ass lolll, came with...
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    For Sale  Penny Titanium Ice Serialized

    Penny - PI###### - Titanium / Ice Iridium - 7.75/10 Condition SOLD ~ TRADED I ask you use you own judgement to decide how you see their condition - as we each have own idea of where the line is drawn in terms of what each number on 0-10 rating scale actually represents... Since it’s unlikely...
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    For Sale  Penny Titanium/Ice Iridium *Price Dropped*

    Not had these long but need to free up some funds for a new project. Used but Mint Condition Titanium Penny with Ice Iridium lenses. No marks on Frame or Lenses, small amount of movement on the nose, not in need of a Tune-up just yet but the price reflects the need to do it in the future. I...