penny polished

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    Sold Polished Penny with Vault

    For Sale is a polished Penny with Black Iridium Lenses. Some discoloration on the frame (patina). Small scratch on outer right side of bridge near pin. Bridge is tight and not needing a tune. Lenses have scratches in center of vision. Rubbers in like new condition. Comes with the Medium size...
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    Sold Penny polished w/ black iridium

    Hello :) now came with other one penny polished with black Iridium lenses, is used but is very good condition, the nose bridge have little movement but is very little still very good for enjoy it, the lenses is used but don’t have nothing significant. Serial: PB***** Lenses 9/10 Frame 9/10...
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    Sold BNOB Penny polished w/ black iridium

    hello OFamily for sale a brand new penny polished with black iridium lenses, is new and don’t have defects, is a warranty frame soo don’t have serial, cane with bag only. SKU: 04-131 All is 10/10 Price $350 #SOld allin, payment in PayPal g&s, shipping with tracking and total...
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    Sold Penny polished w/ black iridium + black case

    Hello OBro's For sale this beauty x-me tal penny polished penny with. Lack Iridium lenses, all is oem, and in very good condition, frame and lenses don't have scratchers, lenses have very low cleaning mark it very low and can't take in the pics, the nose bridge is from factory and the right size...
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    Sold Polished Penny

    Hi all, Penny Polished for sale. Serial number: PB010808 Frame: very good, no scratch 9/10 Nosebridge: tight (subjective) 8/10 Lenses: oem BI, Right lens is clean, Left lens have scratch at edge. 6 or 7/10 see pictures, some can use, scratch out of vision. *Additional: Brand new LINEGEAR Black...